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Went back Seremban for qing ming. Didnt know about it till last night wtf. Listened to music the whole journey. And yea gotta skip BM tuition. I didnt even know bout it till Peiqi texted me and Joevy called. =.=

And it was violent movie day yesterday. We watched April Fool's Day Sorority Row Disturbia blablabla. Wanna puke already wtf so gross okay. Blah.


Super Junior K.R.Y gonna be in Japan. Okay they're probably always in Japan since its so near to Korea wtf but I need to stalk them. PLUS Sungmin and Donghae gonna be the special guests. AAAH CHOGOSIPO!

Then I seriously wanna skip Pesta Ria and fly to Manila. Im serious. But nobody's taking me seriously. And I have got no money left. Blah. HOW?

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