Plans after parents come home.
Monday, November 30, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

1. SHOPPING! Actually I do rmb my promise to not buy anything at all for this year. But. Meh. How la? Mad meh. Sorry. And since its so near CNY, I dont think parents will let also. Plus. Parents bought us stuff from Bangkok already. I know, we must be zhi zhu. That means satisfied in Mandarin. But. Shopping can buy smtg else one ma right? Like like, books. :D Nvm SIGH.

2. Travel! That one must one okay. Next year I cannot already coz got stoopid SPM fml. Me wanna go Italy, Korea, Japan, China, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore fml so old already still haven go Singapore before, Australia etc. So many places, so lil time.

3. Watch movie. HAHAHA. I somemore got A Christmas Carol haven watch okay. I. Need. To. Watch. Movie. And no. I don wanna rewatch New Moon anytime soon. UNLESS THEY CUT OFF EDWARD'S SCENE. :D Good idea hor?

4. Bring us everywhere. I don mind where. Just everywhere around Ipoh. We don have to buy anything. Just. I. DESPERATELY. Needa. Get. Out. After. Being. Trapped. Inside. This. Brown. House. For. Like. 4. Days. Already. Can die!

5. KARAOKE! No. I wont sing coz I cant. I just wanna see whether fun or not. Coz I cant stand noise one. So if karaoke is noisy, I wont go anymore. =)

6. Out of ideas already la. OH I GOT ONE. After reading Xiaxue Guide To Life @ here. Lets refurnish our rooms. Yay! No. I don want a princess room bleh. I want a okay, princessy room. SHOULD BE SO CUTE!!! No. I want a yellow room. Now my room is orange. I love it. But I want yellow too!!

7. I asked sis to blog bout this also. So. Constantly check out her blog too here.

Im watching One Million Star and Xiaxie's Guide To Life. Interesting. :D]

And you noticed, I changed my layout right? Leave comments okay? No at the chatbox. AT THE COMMENTS LINK. Okay? Thankie. =)


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