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Watched New Moon with Sis and Bro just now. Initially Im supposed to watch with PeiQi and Mabel etc, but mummy don allow coz she and daddy will be in Bangkok. Fml. Its okay. So I watch just now one lor. Smart leh? Btw. Tell you la. Normally when you think movie just out in cinemas, you thought sure no tickets, you're wrong. Normally got tickets coz OTHER PEOPLE also think like you. So you smarter you think 2 steps ahead then you got tickets! GENIUS! Okay. Lemme do a review.

Generally: Nice! :D

Good points
1. Storyline good. Very muthafucking scary whats with Victoria stalking till so near Bella can die. I mmg like the storyline one. So biased hor? I love the 4 books. I just kinda don reaaaaally like the movie coz cut so much scenes better don shoot movie. FOL. STORYLINE GOOD DOESNT MEAN BEGINNING AND ENDING GOOD. I'll talk bout that later. Its in the con section.

2. Taylor Lautner such an eye candy can faint wtf. Omg. Shirtless half the time. So nice and kind to audience!! ♥ Hot biceps, boobs bigger than mine fml, 8 packs i think got 10 already LOL. See. This is called, BODY TO DIE FOR! So nice to hug. I WANT! =( So hot. Go watch la dammit. Nah these 2 pictures ugliest of him already. STILL SO HOT RIGHT? ;)
3. Handsome new actors and actresses. Carlisle mmg so hot one la. Then that volturi guy with blonde yellow hair. Whats his name ah? IDK la. Then the bodyguard lagi yeng. What crap. All so nice looking one. :D Dakota Fanning very pretty. HEH.

4. I like the screaming! Lol. So real and depressing. Like its really scary. Idk why la. BUT I LIKE I LIKE I LIKE!

5. Nice wolves. All the wolves very nice lor. Nice fur and all. Hot abs too. HEHEHH. Nice addition to the series.

Bad points
1. Robert Pattinson. The whole reason Im not obsessed with the movie. =( So ugly somemore hair also ugly. Body uglier. So er xin one. Er xin means GROSS in Chinese. Ugly nipples. Hairy chess. No abs somemore keep baring it like very nice. Got fats somemore. YUCK. Just keep his shirt on then it'll be better. These 2 best pics. See. Best pic also so ugly can die or not?

2. They keep rotating. As in turning and turning. So dizzy can faint. Anyone who watched before should feel dizzy while watching coz seriously, they keep turning and turning I wanna slap director already. Somemore cameraman should know better ma. Why never advice director? Coward. Dammit.

3. Ending very potong stim!! Its like, Marry me, Bella. BLANK. DARKNESS. THE END WHAT TURF. Everyone was like, HUH? Kenapa macam ini? SUDDENLY THE END WOR.

4. Cut too many scenes la crap. Nao I go check back the book, got like an epilogue and another half a chapter before ending okay. This one ends when he proposes. *BANGS TABLE* Nao director make Charlie less so many scenes. Pity Charlie. T.T If you read the book, you'll realise they cut so many scenes so better don shoot movie. Twilight also same thing. Pfft.

5. PORSCHE TOO NICE I ALSO WANT! Okay. No. That one not con. Last point is, they don't stress bout her and Jacob as much as in the book. In the book, she's practically in love with Jacob already. But this one still kinda you know, not so close although they kissed abit for a sec before Edward called. FTL.

Okay la. Review good or not? I don care la. Very sleepy already. Skipped dinner for New Moon. Big sacrifice. Just ate dinner. Mum cooked Lao Shi Fun for dinner. Mad nice. Then ate 2 desserts fml. Strawberry Agar and Oreo Cheesecake. Very nice!! Mummy and Daddy going Bangkok tomorrow but dowan to bring us FOL. =(



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