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WTF? Why not in M'sia? :(

However. This is the Info. Credits to Korea Precious.

Live Concert Information
FT Island Last One Man Live In 2009 - So long, Au revoir – presented by @peps! music x PATiPATi
Date: 23rd December 2009 (Wed)
Time: 6pm (Door opens at 5pm)
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Ticket Categories: 6,500YEN (tax included) – 1st Floor Free Standing, 6,500YEN (tax included) – 2nd Floor Reserved Seats


List of winners for Mnet Asian Music Awards(MAMA). Credits to Popseoul.

▶ Best Artist: 2PM
▶ Best Album: G-dragon
▶ Best song: “I don’t care” 2NE1
▶ Best Male Singer: Drunken Tiger
▶ Best Female Singer: Baek Ji-young
▶ Best Female group: Brown Eyed Girls
▶ Best Male Group: 2PM
▶ Best Mixed Group: 8eight
▶ Best Asian Star: Dong-bang-shin-ki
▶ Best Asian Composer: Park Jin-young
▶ Best Male Newcomer: Supreme Team
▶ Best Female Newcomer: 2NE1
▶ Best Ballad and Music: Kim Taewoo
▶ Best House and Electronic Music: Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
▶ Best Rock: Buhwal (I remember 생각이나)
▶ Best Dance Music: Kara (Honey)
▶ Best Hiphop: LeeSsang
▶ Best Trot: Hong Jin-young (Love’s Battery)
▶ Best Music Video: 2NE1 (Fire)

SHINee's Vogue photoshoot. Looks chio. :D Credits to Korea Precious.

Kim Bum's movie 'Bi Sang' Trailer. Enjoy. Credits to Korea Precious.

This girl sings well. =) Credits to Popseoul.

Okay. Enough of this.


I shall proceed with the part 2.

So. The other reason.

2. They are CUTE! Normally guys are either hot/cute/charming/handsome. These multilooking korean guys are can be CUTE and hot at the same flipping time wtf. Can die. When korean guys are cute, M'sia guys are jealous. :D Look at 'em. *points down while grinning*

Taemin. Key. sahiscnrweikefwerjrweih!
Seunghyun. I love him!
Jaejin. Minhwan. Jonghun.
Kid. Lee Minho.
Hyung Joon. Hyun Joong!
Kim Bum.
Kim Bum!!

Okay. WaiLynn, STOP! Okay. Stopped. Nao for the next reason.

3. Besides they are hot/cute/charming/handsome/hot/cute, they sing awesomely well. SING SING SING. Yeah everyone can sing except me lah. But a voice to be ear candy is not thaaat easy okay. Somehow when you listen to their slow songs, they sooth you. :D When you listen to fast songs, they make you wanna dance your legs off.

I'll put on a few examples here.

Slow soothing songs:
Love Letter by FT Triple
Because I'm Stupid by SS501
Love Sick by Ft Island
Haru Haru by Big Bang
Romantic by SHINee
Don't Say Goodbye by DBSK
Wedding Dress by Taeyang(Big Bang)

These are some examples only. Especially FT Island. They sing mostly soothing slow songs. If you like slow songs, you'll ♥ them like MAD.

Fast songs(with uber hot dance moves too!):
Love Like This by SS501
Ring Ding Dong by SHINee
Heartbeat from 2PM/1.59PM(Without Jay)
Heartbreaker by Ji Yong(Big Bang)

Okay. Newest fast songs.

This post is too long already. Gonna go off to eat muffins and watch You're My Destiny. :D

I ♥ Baron Chen. Bai.

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