Reasons on why I love KPop Part 3.
Wednesday, November 25, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

3. Korean company for these artists are actually rich and they always produces singles and actual albums for these artists. In Japan, Jing said they are not rich and therefore they have new songs blablabla BUT they don't produce albums. HOW SAD! Taiwan's entertainment business is also considered very good because these artists will try their best to produce at least an album a year. This way fans will have what they want and have whatever they want when they expect it. But Japan one mmg disappointing lah. Korean one VERY AWESOME! Always got new songs, new dances, new groups, new albums, new activities and NEW SONGS! This way fans like me will get VERY satisfied. :) Look at the amount of awesome albums they produce.

And its not even all. Yet. Yesh. That many.

HAHA. Not purposely I put SS501's picture biggest one okay. Those above I googled damn low quality. Sorry. But as long as you got my point. Korean are more determined. They make fans happy happy.

Announcement: I won't post things bout my daily life here anymore. I'll post it in my xanga. And don't worry, xanga is not slow anymore. :D

♥ Bai.


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