My review on 2012.
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I just watched 2012 with Mabel, Nyit Yi, Shu Qi, Su and her friend, Isabelle/Isabel/Isabell(she's from PJ/JB/somewhere with a J as its initial).

Beware of spoilers. Its unintentional. They're just to support my reviews.

GENERALLY, it's depressing and hilarious. I'll explain nao.

Why do I like it?

Well. Mainly because.

1. The story might somehow make people think bout what's rushing towards us if we don't start trying to save the Earth. All these will happen because of the extreme activities by greedy humans. SO. Hopefully when you watch this you'll have enough conscience to actually do your parts. THEN EARTH WILL ♥ YOU. :D

2. The sound effect damn chio. VERY. Probably our seats were at the 3rd row. Okay la I admit, makes my neck damn uncomfy and its kinda near so sometimes my eyes cant focus well and it goes blurry but its okay. My eyesight is 2020. HEH. The sound effect makes you feel really into the movie. Some of the movies' sound effect suck like anything. But this one, every earthquake, every tsunami and every impact really shake you as if you're there. I like it. :)

3. The whole thing is DRAMATIC! I mean, its like Titanic, Poseidon, Tsunami that happens consistently in Japan and everywhere and also Earthquake all together. Omg. From those screenshots above, you can see that the WHOLE land is tilted and going INTO the sea. Wtf right? So gan cheong. Those people look so helpless when the floor just breaks into halves. So stranded. So helpless. So devastated. Okay I have no idea why this is considered as pro. Lol.

4. SASHA!! Real name: Johann Urb. ♥ He's the HOT pilot who flies the huge plane containing BENTLEYS WTF. He's so hot. When he terjunam down, WITH the plane, we were like, OMG WHY LIKE THAT ONE? SASHAAAAAAA. OMG. SOMEBODY SAVE HIMMM. QUICKLY. HE'S LIKE THE HOTTEST AND HE'S GONEEEEE. GOD. HE SO NOBLE! HE FLIES THEM HERE THEN HE DIES. OMG. SASHAAAA. At first we were laughing at his name. Wtf. Sasha? We thought it was the plane. BUT no. Its his name. :D *points down*

5. NIMA! He's the young Chinese monk. HEHEH. Real name: Osric Chau. Okay. Weird name but he has got hot biceps. :D I already said he's cute when he appeared the first time in the earlier half. HAHAHAH. He's cute right? ♥

6. Love the movie theme song. Adam Lambert's Time For Miracles. ♥

Okay. Enough of pros. Nao. CONS. >=(

1. Actors not hot enough. Lookie at John Cusack and Thomas McCarthy. ARE THEY HOT? NOOO. But Chiwetel Ejiofor is quite hot. heh.
Ps: I don't post the pictures up here because they are not hot and I don't want my blog to be overloaded with stupid pictures.

2. Too exaggerating lah. Don think anyone REALLY believes it. Okay. Maybe until it comes. Lol.

3. Too many close up scenes. People sitting in 3rd row very cham lor. T.T

4. Don have music AT ALL during the whole movie! Where can one? Most of the soundtracks consists of roads cracking, tsunami flooding, earthquake, screaming and ship bumping into Mount Everest. =_=

5. It has a nice ending. People said its depressing but I think its not. Its too hilarious. I don feel depressed. Just abit. NOTE: NICE ENDING IS A CON!

6. Audiences watch till very stressed up one lor. Coz its like, alot of climaxes. Okay. I think this is half pro half con.

7. Too predictable. We know Gordon will beable to fly the plane out from those dust, that the ship won't bump into Mount Everest, that Jackson will beable to help them close the gate and that the 4 of them will be save. AND THAT THE WORLD WONT END YET. WTF.

Okay. My elaborations getting shorter. Lazy lah haha. Okai. Gotta go off already. And sorry for stupid pictures. Cannot find nicer ones.

Oh and wait for my Reasons Why I Love KPop part 2 tomorrow. :D Bai.

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