Life has been okay.
Sunday, July 17, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Sigh. I screwed my Bio and Chem tests. Im so gonna die. Seriously. My physics test mark is worse. Gah I cant believe so much effort can turn into nothing. 

Anyway, I just got back to PJ. Went back to Ipoh after Chem test yesterday. I realised that my appetite has become smaller! :D Had fun with family. My toilet is heaven. And my teddy looks so damned tiny compared to the one I just bought. Lol.

Need to get back into study mode. Tutorials to be done! Maths test result tomorrow. Dang.

Still keeping up with Wax and Wane. Starting The Other Truth or smtg like that idk lah.

Might be going out tomorrow because class is from 8am-12pm ONLY. Normally it's 8am-6pm FOL.

Next post will be pictures.


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