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Maths test was umm ummm.. Okay. I guess. Sigh.

After that we went to Midvalley to shop for formal clothes. That was boring. It's all black and white and occasionally, with stripes. Gah. And those damned slacks are all too long for my legs. T.T I bought a set finally. I thought of buying a pair of shoes for the clothes but gahh, to save money, I decided not to. :D

I spent only on food and formal clothes. Sister was like, That's so not youuuu. Lol. I know right. My friends here actually say that I'm thrifty. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Yeah, neither can I. Lol.

Umm we had Domino's for lunch. 4 of us shared a regular BBQ pizza. And a refillable chicken soup. Refilled like 4 times. Lol. We didnt dare to eat more because we were afraid that we wouldn't be able to fit into any clothes later. HAHA.

While looking around Jusco for my compact stapler, we suddenly smelled asam laksa omg. We were like, Gosh I cant stand this gosh lets quickly walk past this place or else we'd end up eating it. We DID end up eating it. Fail, I tell you. When we couldnt find the stapler, we were like, Let's sniff and find that laksa place again. Lol. 3 of us shared a bowl of laksa 3 hours after lunch. Yummm. Not disappointing at all. The Japanese chocolate cream puff was disappointing. Chihh.

Another 2 friends wanted to have dinner at 4.30pm. == So whatever, we sat down at Food Junction and they ate. Later we took bus back to Jaya One. 


It was drizzling so we took taxi back.

Reached my place. Mopped and swept the whole place. Bathed. Watching Wax and Wane. Hohoho. Had sushi and orange juice for dinner. :D

Im home alone. I miss my mummy. I will call her later.

She is so funny. She wanted to go for the Bersih rally in Ipoh. I was like, NO! Dont go. Lol. She needs her daughter to talk her out of something like this. Lol. Funny. She was like, Im going to go wearing your brother's Perak yellow shirt. ==

She actually called me up yesterday to tell me she's watching the match between Malaysia and Chelsea. Wtf. She KNOWS that I dont have a tv here and now that Im having test today I couldnt go out to mamak to watch also. Urghhh. Meanie. 

I WANNA GO HOME. Everybody went home. Sighhhhh.

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