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Sunday, July 10, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

Physics test was shitty. I cannot even do any of the questions. I'd be happy to get 25/50 only. Gah and some Physics God had the guts to say, HAH? Very hard meh? SPM level only what. ==

Anyways, had dinner with classmates and only had it after 2 hours. I was hungry at 7pm. Full at 8pm. Hungry at 9pm. Full at 10pm when we had our dinner at Millenium Square. :D

Saturday. Which is yesterday. I was doing my Chem report when roommate suddenly said, Where got people study on saturday one? Ok then I just spent my whole day watching Wax and Wane and reading Sing You Home. :D Had tau sa peah for lunch and went out for dinner with them UTARians.

Today, Imma be productive uhh after my lunch(bread again). It's expiring today yeah sooooo. :(

Hectic week ahead omg. Chem report, bio report, tonnes of tutorials, 2CT assignment essays, 2 test next weekend. FML.

As consolation, I think mummy is gonna let me attend Gary Chaw's concert!! Omg. :DDDD. I didnt buy the VIP seats even though it's only 300 bucks. Sigh. I only plan to buy the 200 one. Sighhh. I know how cheap this prices are for concerts but my parents dont really get it so yeahh. Haha. Last time when I bought 700 bucks ticket for Jay Chou's, my parents said they thought that those people in rock pitt dont have to pay a cent because have to stand for so long. LOLOLOL. Nvm, I just NEED to listen to Gary live.

Last but not least..


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