Physical Chemistry bitchy female lecturer
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I wanna slap her so hard she can't flip her damned hair anymore.

So Ms X is our lecturer from the start. Then from a super adorable Mr Y, she's our tutor as well. Omg seriously when we knew bout this, our class was practically mourning for an entire week and dreading for thursday afternoon. As expected, as soon as tutorial class started, she's bitchy as usual. Blahhh.

She said, So Im here to take over your tutorial classes, not Mr Tam anymore. I si si asked, WHY? HAHAHA. I think she zhadou. She said, Why ah? I also dunno. == My classmates asked why I so brave. Lol. 顶老师这种事情习惯就好.
On the first day she took over our tutorials, she said in a damned bitchy slang while flipping her hair constantly, If you all dont do your tutorial questions before you enter the class ah, please sit outside to finish it up before you enter or else I wont give you your attendance. Or nevermind, you can go lepak and makan makan also. Up to you.


Then today, we masuk class only she asked we did how many questions of the tutorial. IT'S A CHAPTER SHE HASNT TAUGHT AND WE'RE EXPECTED TO DO THE QUESTIONS. OK LOR FINE. Then she said, those who did 3 or 4 questions can only get half the attendance. WHAT NONSENSE IS THAT?

Then Jia Ling turned behind and said to me in mandarin, Last time she said we try then its ok to not finish all ma. I answered loudly ( on purpose ), YEAH LOR. Then bitch said, Why ah? I said apparently in a very unpolite tone according to classmates, You said as long as we tried it's ok to not get the answer. She zhadou again and pretended to say, OH SO YOU ALL TRIED ALL THE QUESTIONS IS IT? I THOUGHT YOU ALL DIDNT DO AT ALL.

Please dont carry out those fake acts in front of me please urgh. We rolled our eyes. Lol.

Later, she asked me to do a question on board and treated me so nice walao I also surprised. No matter how, Im constantly missing Mr Tam throughout the whole tutorial class. SIGH.

After class, even guy classmates said I very cool cos I dare to talk to her like that.

HAHAHA. I inherited this from my mum. Even in school and NS and tuitions, Im always standing up for my classmates or for myself alone.

When I was in primary AMC, there was this indian lady teaching BM, forever knocking students' heads with her red pen. Then one day I told her right up that it's wrong to hit students no matter with what. And she stopped. :DDDD

In secondary MGS, I answered back our bitchy physics teacher for so many times I cant even remember. Lol. IS THERE A RULE SAYING THAT WE CANT TAKE THE CALCULATOR AS A MIRROR??

In NS, this super super bitchy malay faci said that chinese and indian girls with long hair must tie their hair up even though their hair is wet because malay so kiasi scared of ghosts or whatever. Then later she said got one girl ( so obvious is a malay ) complained that chinese and indians spread kutu to them wor WTF.

Then even though I got short hair, I still stood up for those with long hair but have not enough courage to stand up for themselves. I said, Kalau nak mereka ikat rambut walaupun basah sangat pastilah ada kutu. The teacher went speechless. :D

I like this side of me. Honestly. :)

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