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I woke up at 9am to bathe and dress up. Then at 10.30am, he knocked on the door and yeah we went and waited for his friend and the friend's brother in front of some corner shop at the housing area. Waited for 30 minutes because apparently there was traffic jam. Anyway, they fetched us and then went to fetch another guy. Ok so Im the only girl and the youngest one. Blahhh.

Then went to Stadium Putra and hell it was packed like shit because of the Malaysian Cup Final that was also going to start at 9pm. We reached at about 1pm and walked around the fair. His friend is really good at explaining and stuff. Our lunch is some dry hard chicken burger. Tasted ok, I guess. At 2 something, we went into the hall. He went and bought water for me. Then I said I wanna go to the washroom, he accompanied me to find for a women's because this stadium is such a sexist idiot. ONLY ONE WOMEN'S. Go die lah.

The thing started at 4pm with some random malay DJ who is so amazing! We were like WALAO WALAO EH WASEH WAHLIAO the whole time. That guy got super loud voice and his energy is endless. He changes like 6 countries' traditional clothes and he speaks like 10 thousand countries' languages omg. He even sang Billie Jean and You Are Not Alone and imitated Michael Jackson perfectly except that moonwalk part. We is so amazed.

By the way, I think I'm pissing Rowan off on fb chat right now. HAHAHAHA.

Opening performance is by not one but TWO Lady Gagas singing My Boyfriend is a Monster(??) and Born This Way. Lol. The Lady Gagas so oldschool lah.

After that they had those award-giving and nonsense. Damn boring. Then got 3 speakers who are supposed to motivate everybody else. They succeeded.

Then Ah Niu's performance!! He appeared at the VIP section. He sang 3 songs. 浪花一朵朵,something I forgot the title and 对面的女孩看过来. So awesome. It's like a huge sing-along. ;D Those songs are my childhood songs. Ah Niu is so cute. He tried speaking in BM but he ended up saying things like: Saya Lembu. /crowd roaring with laughter/ Umm saya.. 最近,怎样讲啊? GOSH WE ALL LAUGHED AND LAUGHED TILL NO BREATH. Then when he wanna exit the stage, he still 搞笑 and asked, eh 哪里下啊?Lol.

Then it's a cute malay guy. He sang 4 songs. I only like 2 songs. But he sounded nice and the live band is a plus point.

Lastly, it's Jess Lee Jia Wei who won the One Million Star taiwan singing competition. She's a Malaysian. Malaysia Boleh! She sang a chinese song I forgot the title, I Will Always Love You and GEMILANG. Omg all these songs she sang in the competition before. The last 2 songs are insane! Her voice sounded so damned good, live! The Gemilang is perfect. Ok, seriously perfect. ;D

Then we left the hall and his friend kept forcing us to take pictures and we will end up outside the picture frame and then he will go, 你们两个啊!Lol. We did take a few pictures lah. Later we started to come back to PJ and came home and roommate heat up the dinner she made and cooked me my potato plus jagung dish. NAIS. :D Bathed and here I am. Yay. I wanna sleep soon already. @@

I didnt take any pictures today because I forgot to charge my phone battery last night and it died halfway in the hall. I will steal his friend's pictures from fb once he uploads and tags me. Ok? Night. I got nothing to do tomorrow. HAPPY. I shall spend tomorrow with my books.

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