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I planned to go for this Bran New Kiss showcase since the U-Kiss fanmeet that was supposed to be held last year after SPM was cancelled. Then I thought I sure cannot make it since I thought I'd be too busy to go for this and that I didn't even manage to get hold of the ticket. MIRACLE: They decided to make it free for the rest of us. :D

So, the girl staying opposite my place is kinda a KPOP fan so she said she wanna come along. Then my kind roommate said she wanna accompany us but my mum was worried about us three girls. So I managed to ask tall housemate to come with us. He is so nice! I don't get it. How can someone be so nice? It's like he does everything we ask him to, he eats whatever there is that we offer, he isn't picky when it comes to food, he answers all questions we ask, he even agreed to accompany us to attend this showcase even though he knows how tiring this will be. Ok nevermind. Lol.

A very kind and dramatic girlfriend offered to send us to Times Square. Quite far leh, she's so kind! Anyway, we got the housemate to ask directions and stuff hahaha sry. Then we reached Pavilion at about 5 something and met up with the sister and her friends. See see we stood at the side of the stage and got shoo-ed so the 4 of us didnt have dinner and we went to the food court to have dinner before going back to continue waiting.

Walao eh, so many tall people blocking my view. And wtf tall housemate said, I have very good view. SURE LAH HE SO TALL. And he's not even half as interested as I am in U-Kiss. But actually since he listens to KPOP songs and knows quite a lot about KPOP, I forgive him. :) Waited for 2 hours. The 2 Malaysian performers at the start was ok, but 2 songs each a bit too much lor. The crowd was like boo-ing when the host introduced the performers. Zhadou.

At about 8.10pm, U-KISS FREAKIN APPEARED! Omg so hot! Based on hotness, Eli-Kevin-Kiseop-Soohyun-AJ-Dongho-Hoon. Seriously!! Kevin and Eli and AJ were like speaking English the whole time. Awesome. At first they had games with lucky fans blah blah blah what the freakin hell. The girl Eli picked was a mess! She wore and she kept jumping up and down and kept hugging Eli and she kept holding his hand. Siao ah! Your boyfriend meh! Another fat girl worse, she lost the dancing competition and still had the courage to go hug all 7 boys one by one until need security guards to shoo them away. Omg seriously pissed off.

I had to like stand on my toes the whole time. So tiring. So hot.

Then they sang birthday songs and cut the cake and all. U-Kiss went and changed into brown suits for their performances.

Intro dance. :DDDDD

0330. OMG THIS SONG SOUNDS SO AMAZING LIVE! Omg the first part where Soohyun and Kiseop play the imaginary piano omg. ;~; So touching. The rap part! Can you imagine that I actually heard the  r²π live! TWICE! The first time the lucky fan requested AJ to rap for her. I know lah she very lucky I admit I very jealous ok. Super love the dance!

Bingeul Bingeul. OMG EPIC SONG. Kiseop's dancing is insanely amazing. Omg. I love the dance! No other words.

Shut Up. Got a little sad because those parts were supposed to be Xander and Kibum's. Gah nevermind. That song was awesome too. Reminded me of their abs. Lol. I boast about their abs to my friends like those abs are mine. HAHA.

Man Man Ha Ni. SONG THAT MADE THEM FAMOUS AND POPULAR. Walao I still remember last time the sister and I are super obsessed with Dongho's naughty look. Still love Kiseop's dance. I love something else more. The fact that Eli freakin got all hot and sweaty and so he decided to take off his suit top! Left a white singlet omgggggg. I cannot take this. So damned sexy. Somemore he got that angmoh look. ;~;


So sad. We couldnt wait till the signing session end already because we gotta walk back to Times Square to sit the taxi by 10.30pm. See see we got lost in Sg Wang and at 10pm(ONLY!!!) the taxi counter closed. Go home and trip and fall ok, lady-at-counter? So we decided to take the monorail to KL central. Damn tired walao. Got to KL central then changed to KJ Line to go to Asia Jaya. Reached there and waited awhile for the bus, in the bus. IKR. The bus driver wasnt there but air cond engine all on so why not? We seriously all like very old like that, they all backpain leg pain eyes tired. Lol. We bought TouchNGo card, for our own convenience. I like the bus at night, so quiet. Reached about 15 minutes later I think. Got so tired that I gave up and took the lift with them instead of walking 4 floors of stairs. Lol. Wise.

Bathed then came online to listen to 0330. :DDDD I wanna dream of U-Kiss. To be honest, I didnt even swoon much after the showcase because we were like busy finding ways to go home. Hahaha.

Gotta wake up early tomorrow because I'm going to see Lee Jia Wei or something at somewhere around SS2. She's the Malaysian who won the recent One Million Star ( a taiwanese singing competition ). Yay.

Goodnight. Oh. And. I'll post some pics right up after this post.

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