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Thursday, June 2, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

A short update.

I started classes this past Monday. It is all fine. The bus is my vehicle to go to campus and back to my flat. Only lectures and practical. No tutorial. Yay so tomorrow my bio practical is at 12pm. It's till 2pm. Awesome. 

It's quite troublesome not having a printer because lots of lectures notes and tutorial questions to print online form the UTAR web. So I have to save everything into my pendrive and bring it downstairs to the indian printing shop. They also have photostating, binding and laminating. Surprisingly, the price is amazing. I printed like 60 plus pages and photstated some other notes from friends and it summed up to a grand total of 8 bucks only. Amazing or what. Somemore got colour. Not kidding. The stingy housemate has a printer and he said I can use it if I beg. So nope, indian guy downstairs is nicer to me. :D

Anyway, I made lots of new friends. And a few friends doing MBBS too. Awesome. I can hardly remember anyone's names. Lol. Sorry.

Today, class at 10am to 12pm. Lunch then we studied in the library. Then 2-4pm. After that, came home and studied again. Got super sleepy so I napped for an hour before going downstairs for the UM 伙食团 for dinner and a talk using the 百孝经.The lady talked till she cried when she mentioned her mum. I think the talk is very good. You know, things like we should appreciate our parents and do things to show that we love them before we can't in the future. Then photo session. Came back and all 5 of us staying in this house(as in still UTARians) had a talk. Then two of my roommates went to bed and I continued chatting with the two guys. Got quite a lot of info from them actually. The 21-year-old guy doing his degree has quite some amazing experiences. Ok I also dunno what the hell we talked about. We talked for about 4 hours. Walao eh. Sorethroat now. What a joke. I had a good laugh too. 


Gonna pack my stuff and sleep soon. What the hell lah, I thought tornado happened at my table.


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