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Yeah obviously we hear complaints bout the weather being too hot and that how can anyone be marching under this weather and the running and sports practices and bout the whole thing being unfair and all. But you have to admit Sports Day is one of the FUNNEST events throughout the whole year. But this year we have pesta ria so maybe not so much since young men above age 12 are not allowed to our sports day but obviously pesta ria doesnt have such rules or those lalas might cry their fake eyelashes out. HAHA. Thats not the point.

Alot of people just sat around and complained bout the weather. Fine I complained too, many of us did. AT LEAST we were doing something contributing to our houses and school WHILE complaining bout the weather. It is different. They brought phones and cams and did all the illegal stuff and some didnt even come to school. =.= Wtf? Its sports day. They think its cool to not join and take part in anything. But I think its the other way round.

I've been marching for 4 years in a row. Form 2- Librarians. Form 3 to 5-N'gale. Woots. But still, alot of them dont know that I actually march and in fact some dont even believe me wtf? Until they see me in my ridiculously cute costumes. :D HEY why do you think Im so dark now? Boo.

Oh and N'gale got 3rd overall this year. Our theme was Hip Hop Tiger. Woots.

YOUKNOWWHO got first.

BUT WE WON THE MARCHING WE WON WE WON WE WON! :D They said we looked adorable cute it was tidy neat idea was original tabik was cute max. But we ourselves werent so sure. We didnt think we'd win because Crosby put in alot of efforts too. But THANK GOD theirs was messier. But I heard the tabik was cool. Too bad I cant see it. Actually I cant see anyone's except YOUKNOWWHO's. Sad.

 Eunice is our mascot. Hip Hop Tiger! She looks so pretty right? :D

 Them. I was somewhere in front but didnt want to be in the picture. Hahah. WE WON!

Anyway we were so happy when they announced that Crosby got 2nd. Means we got first! OMG I jumped so high no wonder my muscles damn painful now PLUS the muscle ache after the class running PLUS the whole standing-very-long-in-the-middle-of-the-hot-sun-because-of-that-longgggggg-speech thing. Gosh. I felt like dying. My legs. I cant squat now. I cant even cross my legs. No wait. I cant even walk up the stairs properly. Took me soooo long to go downstairs. Aaah.

In fact I just shifted in my chair and it hurts. Like hell. T.T

The interschool running was so exciting. We were cheering like hell. I was not cheering. I was screaming my lungs out. My voice is dead now. But it was fun. Then interhouse relay. GOSH. N'gale got 2nd for the B Class and 3rd for A Class. HEES. I kept screaming and screaming and screaming. I think I was mad for that few hours. I was really cheesy and lame and annoying. I cant stand myself. WeiChing was so annoyed by PeiQi and me. Lol. I screamed everyone's names. ANDREA ANNA AMY MANDY KONG LIYEAN NICOLE SOKLENG RUJING ALEX CRYSTAL. Aiyah generally I was just cheesy today and shouted everyone's name. I was annoyed with myself. Lol. Oh and Anna got sexybutt. And I heard Nicole Sonia the real sexybutt waas in school. But didnt see her. Lol.

So today some classes had their presale for pesta ria. I hate soya so couldnt support 5s2. Heh. I only bought a fan. How bimbotic. Im annoyed with myself again. Then while I was screaming GO N'GALE GO ANNA GO ANDREA I kept hitting my fan, something broke. Boo me. Lol.

Anyways. Gotta go lah. I crapped so much. Next will be the Piawai, holidays THEN pesta ria. :D FUN.

♥ I'm amazed by you.


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