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I saw this van with Fahrenheit on it somewhere in front of the stadium.

*I have only part 2 of the concert. Part 1 is in cam. And the quality obviously not good. I used my phone to take the pics after my cam died. Haha. Memory full not batt died. Using cam, I took like 500 plus pics only okay. Hees.

Oh and I made Mel promise that she will slap me till I wake up if I faint becos I seriously screamed so much I kind of lacked of oxygen for a mo there. Lol.

Sorry Sorry
Mel recorded this. I didn't. I was trying to rememeber every single detail. 

OMO. That vid they showed before this perf was awesomely creepy and funny! Heechul looked sooooooo cute omg I wanna faint. He acted as Sulli. Then Donghae acted as Amber. They seriously look so alike! Eunhyuk ryeowook and shindong was in that perf too. ♥
Shindong going to jump over the other 4 of them. Epic!

Aww Sungmin and Eeteuk.

You know what? I really love that headband Eeteuk was wearing. He looks good with it!

Heechul picked up a fan. And ran around the stage with it. 

Heechul still in his Sulli outfit. He was holding a pink handbag a fan threw to him and catwalked with Siwon.

He so fatt hao la. He shook his butt and looked so hao omg I think I screamed like bodoh.

Heechul was playing watergun with those first row lucky people. Then he squated and refilled his watergun with a bottle of water meant for drinking. OMO. Then continued playing with those fans. 

Heechul AND Siwon playing watergun TOGETHER.

If I was one of those people, I where got strength to play somemore la. I think I will straightaway faint and Mel need to slap me till I wake up. Haha.

They were all wearing their animal stuff. Damn cute. And Heechul's still obsessed with the watergun. =.=

Eeteuk was speaking in English and Siwon translated into English. Omo hot!
Almost ending. =(


The bowing part.

The walking-everywhere-thanking-everyone part.


Part 1 pictures later. Or not. :D

We were so so so happy before and during the concert. Happy cannot possibly describe our feelings that time. We were sooo excited. Okay Im gonna stop trying to make everyone understand how we felt. Haha. But the thing is, right after the concert ended, we felt the post-concert-depression already. Omo. Horrible. I cant concentrate. I will be daydreaming and reminiscing. Goodness. And Im listening to their songs 24/7 now. But Im gonna revive the happy feeling by rewatching those vids and pictures. And watching fancams online. :D


The saddest thing about saving a homeless dog is that you already have too many dogs and you cant keep that homeless dog and you have to give it away. =(

I saw a tiny puppy in a box outside Andajaya yesterday. I pitied it so much. I think Im very kind. Heh. I suggested to mum that we come back to Andajaya at night. If the dog is still there, we'll bring it to the vet or give it away to friend. 

Yep the dog was still there. But not in the box. The dog is so smart. It managed to climb outta the box altho the box i so high. Heees. We found it on the road outside Andajaya. Yay. We brought it home and fed it. Its soooooo cute. He runs like he's galloping. :D

Unfortunately, we have too many dogs already so gave it away to my sis's friend. =( They just came and took. Boohoo. So sad. But at least I can still visit it. =)



It's such an awesome drama. Its true that it's like BOF and Hanakimi combined. But who cares? The guys are hot. 

Jang Geun Suk
Lee Honggi (FTi)
Jong Yong Hwa(CN Blue)


Damn cute la Honggi I cannot resist! Then Yonghwa's character is like Hyungjoong's in BOF. And Jang Geun Suk's one is like Lee Min Ho's in BOF. But I think he much more yenger and funnier than Lee Min Ho in BOF. ♥♥♥

Im addicted. The songs are soooo nice I can melt!

School starting. Needa get moral tugasan done. No more homework then. Yay.

Oh and got some function slash meeting at home later. Si la. Aiyoh. Cannot watch tv. =(


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