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After sports day.


You know how when you pack your suitcase for a trip, you (most girls) tend to force everything and everything else into the bag? And end up having more than 2 suitcases. Then when you try to force more things in, the suitcase pops. As in bursts. Awesome.

That is exactly how I feel during exams.

You put in an extra novel into your bag. Then a pair of jeans slides out of the bag. You put the jeans back, the novel pops out.

You put Chemistry into your head, History will be forgotten. How the hell am I gonna score this way? Thing is, NO WAY.

Whatever. The whole day today, my face shows this > =.= SERIOUSLY. I dunno whats wrong with me.

And know what? Holidays! One more day. Im gonna survive tomorrow. No teacher in their mind will return our papers tomorrow right? Gah.

Im feeling so relaxed now. Wtf. Can read novel openly. I dont have to read just to release stress. HEES IM SO HAPPY.

Oh and our school's SPM results. 34 straight As I think. And 3 straight A+. OMO. Dont they feel like donating money out of happiness? HAHA I WOULD DO THAT IF IM THEM. HAHA.

Okay bye.



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