Merry christmas indeed
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To be honest, I'm not a Christian and I don't really celebrate Christmas. But I still love the festive atmosphere and how excited everyone is on this day.

Pre-Christmas celebration with the Tai Tais:

Exactly one week before Christmas, we went to Mid Valley for our pre-Christmas dinner. We went to some random shops to attempt shopping. But none of us bought anything. Later we went to Ippudo for dinner. The ramen...... So yummy! 4 of us shared 2 bowls and we ordered the curry cheese haru maki. 

We initially planned to go for a 2nd round at Sushi Zenmai but the queue was massive when we went and we were quite full already so we gave up halfway queuing up. 

We then went for Moo Cow and also shared 2 cups. The one with digestives was super yum!!

We then spent the next hour (or more) taking pictures with the decorations hahaha. It was difficult trying to ask strangers to take a group picture of us using the polaroid camera. The first picture was not very nice. The 2nd and 3rd one were taken by a man with a dslr. He's super good with cameras obviously. Those 2 shots turned out great. The last one was not bad. But too bad I was given the ugliest shot of all (1st one). I was the only one who looked bad in that shot, the others still looked decent. My bad luck lol. Anyway, these are some pictures taken using phone camera. 

Had a great day overall. Not easy to find friends with the same wavelength as me :)

Christmas day itself:

Spent the day with my boyfriend. He came and fetched me at 12pm. And we only reached Pavilion at 3pm. Stuck in the jam for 3 whole hours ;___; He was super frustrated and I was just trying to occupy my time by checking my phone every 3 seconds and taking selfies.

Lol! It was easy to find a parking spot, the jam was only because of some idiots blocking the roads outside Pavilion. We had late lunch at Ippudo hehehe. I tried ramen with a broth that I didn't try last time and it was good, too.

Then I tried to do some shopping. Bought a top.

We then walked around taking pictures. Here they are.


I had Baskin Robbins ice-cream. Mint chocolate chip yummmm! After that, we went and had dinner at food court. Haha! No expensive Christmas dinner because I was full as heck. We both shared a plate of pasta. It was crazy crowded at the food court.

Afterwards, we went to the main entrance for the fake snow!

It was really pretty. Plus the decorations were perfect.

After that, he told me that we should celebrate a few days in advance and just stay home on Christmas day itself. Lol! And I agreed.

Last picture:

End of Christmas :)

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