My Christmas eve
Tuesday, December 24, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

We had our Christmas eve dinner at Taste Gallery and yums I major love their pastas. The last time I went with the tai tais, I had chicken alfredo pasta. This time, I tried the half-shelled scallop aglio olio that I so wanted to try last time but didn't. Oh my god it was surprisingly yummy. The place is also surprisingly crowded today what the heck so we waited for like 20 minutes (?) for a table. But I finished my entire plate of paste within 10 minutes.

Our pastas. His chicken alfredo and my aglio olio. Also, that's green apple juice.

So last year I was just somehow feeling lonely on Christmas eve even though I don't celebrate Christmas. He brought me out for banana split because I was craving for it for 3 days already. And this year, our Christmas eve dessert is Chinese desserts haha. His is mak jok and mine is fa sang wu. No idea what they're called in English.

Then we thought fried durian balls are a good idea. I didn't want to order initially but the boss assured us that it's not a lot. But hello escume, those are 3 pretty gigantic balls! Durian balls, I'm sorry. Anyway, I didn't finish my fa sang wu and we didn't finish the durian balls. Hahaha. 


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