Tuesday, December 11, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

People don't like opinionated people. Opinionated people don't like neutral people. Neutral people like everyone but secretly dislike opinionated people because they are too damn cowardly to express any sort of opinions at all for fear that people will actually notice them and dislike them. Gasp. Grow a pair and accept opinions. Not to say you have to accept them but just try to understand.

I know I've been told that I don't accept others' opinions and I think so too, now that somebody is so kind to remind me that only after I got bitched about that since god-knows-when. I'd really appreciate it if people are just more straightforward in things like that. I really don't mind. You don't see me hating all of you for doing this to me, do you? Because I just wanna prove that I'm the bigger man (or woman, not like it matters).

I deserve to get my mouth blasted off by a reverse bear trap. That'd be the only way you can shut me up. Or not. Because I can still type. 


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