Christmas eve.
Monday, December 24, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

Christmas doesn't hold any significance to me but seeing how everybody else is out with their friends and family, all dressed up for the occasion, being carefree and maybe, merely happy that they're not lonely, I feel a little empty.

Even my own family is eating out somewhere, probably just laughing at every small joke there is, gossiping about people, talking about random silly things. Usually mum, the sister and brother will stop eating once they're full, then dad will be pause after gobbling down the remaining dishes for some time to realise that everyone has stopped eating. He'll then be nagging in a cute way saying how everyone doesn't eat at all and make him eat everything, causing him to have indigestion later for sure. After dinner, they'd probably go for a drive around Ipoh. I'm imagining there'll be Christmas decorations around town, all ready for tomorrow. Clubs and restaurants everywhere will surely be full for everyone is taking this chance for all family members to gather around and have a good meal together.

I thought of painting my nails just for Christmas but, what for? No one is gonna see it anyway, no one is here around me anyway.

Merry Christmas

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