It was raining happiness
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

JAY CHOU'S NEW SONGS OUT ON HITFM TODAY. Only 2 though. In first lecture today I was so restless and I was fidgeting the whole time because I couldn't wait for classes to end to listen to the audios of the songs omg. So I immediately went to a corner outside my lecture room and almost cried listening to the songs. So damn touching! Can't stop replaying them till now. Also happy that Jaysian tlist are as excited about his songs as I am :D

On a side note, it's been sometime since I actually walked under the rain like I just did. Usually I'm just pissed off if I ever had to do that especially when I'm in a hurry to go to classes or anywhere else. But without pressure of having to do anything afterwards, I actually enjoyed the brisk walk at the night market just now when it was raining.

I was happy, briefly.

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