back in the days.
Thursday, December 10, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Back in the days, it was blissful for me. That day, when I walked on the street, I felt the wind slapping my face and messing up my long curly hair, the sun's ray warming my heart and when I saw you, my heart skipped and I knew, it was you.

We stopped and looked at each other. I assumed for the longest time ever. We locked eyes. Trying to grasp all the information we could get of each other in that short few seconds. We were afraid of losing each other although we hadn't even met before this. There was a connection. No one believed me when I told them this story of ours. But I didn't care. We both knew it was possible for love at first sight to happen.

It did happen. After the longest time ever, we walked towards each other. You put on a forced smile on your angular face but I knew you were as terrified as me. Terrified of this sudden new stranger. I was too. I walked towards you, slowly at first. Then I sped up. I couldn't wait to hold you in my arms. You were like an angel. I thought you were. I almost imagined a halo on you. I smiled at that thought.

When I finally held you, I smelled in your sweet scent and called your name. We both knew each other's name before we even introduced ourselves. That must had meant something right? We didn't even talk to each other before yet I felt as though I've known you since forever. You had the familiarity I need. The comfort I yearned for years. The love I wanted. It was all in you. Only you.

But that was back in the days. When you were not here anymore, I only thought about how we met. How ironic it was that I always jokingly asked you to get lost and now you were gone. You didn't choose to go. But still. You're gone and that's all that matters to me. Your love, Nichkhun.


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