Driving lesson.
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First the man fetched the few of us to the institute at 7.30am. Its the one down the highway with Tesco Extra on your right. Idk what's the name of that place. HAHA. Imagine if I got kidnapped, I cannot call police also. HAHA. Okay so morbid one.

No we aren't there.

So we waited awhile. Did blind test. Chiu. They somemore reminded me 7 must write liddat cannot got one line in the middle as how I usually write it. Serves me right. I go syok syok write my own 7 and I got it wrong. FML. Nemai. Still can pass. Then went out to the main hall. Waited awhile and talk talk talk lah as usual. Please la when girls are put together obviusly talk till very syok. But at this time I noticed someone who looks familiar. *BOOM* Okay la not so dramatic. He sat there awhile then disappear already.

Dunno why so weird I ngam ngam take them 3 together then they all wear pink. No sarcasm here.

After awhile we went in the hall for the talk. But some guy named Shafiai. Wtf. So. Listen listen la. But he very morbid one. Wait later I tell you what he said. He quite funny lah. Never make me wanna sleep yet. Still okay. He thought 3 chaps. Then we had 45 mins of lunchbreak.

Katalah kamu langgar orang, jangan2 kamu pergi ambik tu buku undang2 dan tengok apa nak buat DI TEPI mayat tu. Lepas tu, bila keluarga telepon dan tanya, tak nak balik ke? Kamu kata, tak boleh la, kena pergi PENJARA.             -Shafiai-


When we stepped out of the hall only, I immediately recognised whoever I thought looked familiar. He was in a line. Lining up to register. So old already still haven learn driving yet can die. I will tell you who later. The canteen flipping no food one. I just took sandwich coz don feel like eating nasi lemak or whatever it is. And Kikapoo. How you spell this ah? Never can spell it right. Obviously must sit somewhere where you can see/stalk/snap pics of him la right. So we very smart, strategic place. See see he go walk around. FOL. We still manage to get some shots. So pretentious. Later on I openly snapped his pics. Don care already lah. And you might be wondering why I dowan to take pic with him. Thats coz Im not really THAAAT sure whether its him or not. If not later very embarrassed okay. HAHAH.

HAHA ONLY PIC WITH ONLY HIM. andaman'shandaiyonemaionela.
Okay you might be wondering wth am I posting pics of malays. Lol. If you see properly, he's in the background. NEH BEHIND THERE. HAHAHA.
Okay this is PeiQi took one. =.=


One more thing.

He smokes. FHL. FML. Hmph.

After talking for awhile, we went in again. Didnt come out till 3pm. That indian lady. Kala or smtg. OMG. So buzzes one. BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ. Its like, she buzzzzzzz. INHALES buzzzzz. Seriously can die lor. She very animated, alot of hand movements. We kept sighing and laughing. LOL. Very boring lah she. Ugh. BUZZZ INHALE BUZZ.

Finally when finished we had to fill in some survey on the speakers. HAHAHA. I can only say one thing. Im mean. :D

By the time we came out, the familiar guy is gone. Okay lah I know you all sure dunno who is the man in those pics because he's not famous at all. HAHHA.

One last one. HAHA. Clearest and nearest one.

And I dunno what's his surname. Who cares. HAHAHAHA.

Okay. Bai. Taking the undang2 test this Friday. IM DOOMED. But if pass got free meal. :D

Whoah I edit this post so long already all because of stupid USB. Cannot connect so cannot upload pics. Hmph.

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