A vicious cycle
Sunday, October 6, 2013 // 0 comment(s)

There's this one person I know who doesn't give a shit about the truth, all he cares about is having something to say. All he needs to go on with life is to have something bad to say about other people, regardless of the truth of everything he says. He reaches the edge of passing gossips and is now about to throw himself off the cliff  by creating them.

It probably does feel good once in awhile for people to pay attention to you while you expressively tell the stories of other people and all the lies that naive listeners are eager to believe once those painful words leave your mouth. Of course words cannot physically hurt anyone and even if it does leave a permanent impact on anyone at all, it will not be on the speaker, but the subject of the gossips. 

It's so irresponsible to be always flinging around words of gossips like a commodity. I can understand if you want to say that a certain someone is a selfish friend by, perhaps, not helping you when you clearly need his help. I can understand when that someone does/doesn't do something to/for you and you come to a conclusion that he doesn't have a perfect character. It's however extremely irresponsible to conclude a person's personality by purely listening to what other people say about him. What if other people are only jealous of him? What if it isn't true? Does it matter to you at all? Is it, at all, fair?

Back to the person I was talking about. He insults other people appearance, their talking manner and even their teeth. How old are you? Why are you acting like a kindergarten child? Okay I got to admit sometimes it's funny but funny has a limit. It's so bloody low to be saying that someone's a bad person because they don't have nice teeth. Wow, so should I stay away from you because you obviously don't have a nice heart? Do you want everyone to come to a realization that you're, in fact, the person with the lowest self-esteem of the bunch? Do you want people to start talking behind your back about you 24/7? 

Naive people jump right in the middle of lies and gossips and believe them right away. I don't understand how some people just feed on gossips about other people and believe the worst in every scenario. Why don't you experience firsthand first before you jump to a conclusion? 

Also, he always laughs at other people for being fat (even though they're of normal weight). What he doesn't know is that other people say the same thing about him and I'm glad.


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