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Friday, August 10, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

Because I just can't be relevant anymore. What is life.

 Some formal wear. Yea it really looks this dull in our class. Mostly blacks and whites and greys.

Random pictures of me looking very happy with a bowl of honeydew sago :D

Before going out for karaoke and movie session with them classmates.


AND WE WATCHED STEP UP REVOLUTION! It is one amazing movie. The plot is kinda predictable, you know how things will turn out. But it doesn't matter because the main points are the dances! This Step Up probably has the most oomph in all their dances. Spoilers alert.

Since they're called The Mob. So it's mostly flash mobs at random places. So many people yet so synchronized like how the hell. Love! The sound effects super good, we all get excited when watching them dance but even when we squeal out loud, nobody can actually hear us because the music from the movie is really that real. The satisfaction after the movie. The sudden hollow feeling after a great movie.

those who can hurt me are those whom I love.

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