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We had our dinner at Thai Up in The Mines. In total, 27 of us. Most of us had the couple set of the same sex hahahaha. Nobody gives a shit plus it's cheaper and more worth it. We sat randomly and chatted randomly. We took tons of photos omg seriously. And there's a small section at the restaurant with awesome lighting and authentic background of bricks and framed photos :D Well, we took quite a lot of pictures there.

After saying some things for the farewell and birthday kids (lol), we moved to River Side for second round. Mainly because we needed a place for the cake-eating. Well, again, loads and loads of pictures! Seriously so damn many I cannot.. Lol.

Had a lot of fun with them people :D Awesome night with awesome people.

I posted a lot of pictures on my facebook. I'll just post a few here.

At the game arcade:

 Tat Kai. Jia Ling.
Sim Yang. Jia Ling.

At Thai Up:

 Wei Shan.
 Chiew Ling.
 Wei Shan. Jue Chuan. Jin Lun. Jessica.
 Chin Yeh. Jia Ling. Tat Kai. Valentine. Eik Hong.Sim Yang. Chuin Chi. Chin Guan.

Tat Kai. Chin Guan. Jessica.

At random place in The Mines:

 Qonstance. Jia Er. Eugene.
 With the pretty Qonstance. I specifically requested Chiew Ling to take a full-body shot of us because we were wearing dresses :D
Chin Guan. Zhen.

At River Side:

 Jia Ling.
 Jia Ling. Soo Ling.

 Sim Yang. Jia Ling. Soo Ling.
^ in fact the creepiest picture this century odg. 3-headed botak. Chin Guan. Chin Yeh. Tat Kai.

 Jia Ling. Zhen.
 Chuin Chi. Valentine. Jia Ling.
 Black swan.
 Random pic.

 Dress today :D

Going back to Ipoh tomorrow for Raya holiday yay!! 5 days. Gotta work hard and play hard. Toodles.

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