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Monday, June 4, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

It's the 2nd week I'm here for my MBBS course at UTAR Sg Long. I'm staying in my parents' condo, furnished and comfy like paradise :D I think I'm coping well so far I don't know still confused here and there especially for cell bio. Half the time in lectures, I be there intensely staring at prof thinking, dude what chu talking about, although I may look serious lol. It's only one hour per lecture so the profs are kinda chasing time so yea this is uni, I can't complain so I won't. Not quite comfortable with the system there yet especially the mentor-mentee thing cuz I always catch my mentor looking at me and then the awkward stare and I look away because I really have no idea what to do. Do I pretend to be all friendly and wave at him or just be a penguin and look away? This is giving me stress but no one knows. Sigh. Lol why am I stressed about such petty matter. Another thing is I walk to and fro from campus and I'm quite sure I'll be tanned again, why oh why. And it's so difficult to find decent mixed rice here, either they don't open at night or they don't open for the weekends. Thanks a lot, mixed rice shops. Currently cramming Pathology stuff. And I have class til 6.30pm tomorrow after a slight change in timetable, thanks utar, thank you. So just a short update and a few random pictures haha. Byee.

 Best HQ pic of all time but suzy's arm over woo's shoulder, I'll try to accept woozy /le sigh/

#nowplaying I'll Be Back - 2PM <3

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