Utar lied
Friday, May 18, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

A month of sem break they said. Please, it's not even 3 weeks yet fml. But anyhow, done with foundation, finally. Got back my results and yes, I can proceed to MBBS :D

Minnie-mouse-themed nails 

Pei Qi and I went back to MGS to take our non-existant accounts cert whatever. SCHOOL LIED.

 BR ice cream hehe. 

My new phone cover.

Pastel blue polka dots.

Eunice came down to Ipoh and we camwhored like mad in Aeon. Lol cuz we realised we didn't take ANY pictures when she came the last time.

My outfit the next day. Matches with my nails!

Dimsum at Kao Lee with Senghoo and Melanie :)

Korean BBQ at Daorae with Senghoo and Melanie. And the next picture of Haagen Dazs's Paradise(literally) was our dessert and we claimed we couldn't stuff any more food. Har de har har. Big eaters.

Mother's Day present :D Body shop cherry blossom body lotion. Which I love. And am pestering my mum to buy for me now lol.

The same ice cream with mum and brother on mother's day.

Dressed up for mother's day dinner.
One of the new clothes I bought from Parade when I went shopping with mum.

And yes, I took all these photos from my instagram. But hey, I never said I'm hardworking :P

Sigh so much stuff to do. Gotta furnish the condo, pack things, meet friends, go for orientation and survive the next 5 years. 

Challenge accepted.

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