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Once upon a time in year 2007, Boys Over Flowers reenact the fire of kpop and naturally, I don't even know how and why and when to be honest, I got sucked into the whole kpop thing. Which I've never regretted even one bit, until now. SS501 was my first love and still loving them, till now. Bias is Hyunjoong but since I tend to always fall for vocalists, Youngsaeng too <3 Thank god they didn't officially break up, they just went on to do their own solo activities, thank god and now that Kyujong is gonna enlist in the army.. Things are getting sad enough already.

Anyway.. later on, Super Junior added to my list of fav bands. They are my 2nd ultimate bias group. All 15 members, I love. But obviously bias is Kyuhyun (vocalist) haha. I even went to their Super Show 2 in Malaysia in 2009. Oh god, it's been that long, it's 2012 now. That concert was amazing beyond words, I cannot.. I can't explain, the feeling when 10 boys ( Kangin was in the army, Kibum with his acting,  Hangeng leaving Super Junior, excluding Zhoumi and Henry) popped out from nowhere in the midst of audience and from under the stage and all, we all screamed and screamed our lungs out. What is all these beautiful people doing, right in front of my eyes. So beautiful. They made us laugh, they made us cry with tears of joy. You /have/ to at least go for one concert of your favourite artiste to understand what I felt, it's simply amazing and touching.

And then somehow or rather later in 2009 , I started checking 2PM out, they debuted not long ago, about a year or so. And I started watching Music Bank when they were in the Again & Again era. Oh god, the men. The beasts. That was when Jay Park was still around. I liked him, still kinda do. Almost got to meet him earlier this year but due to transportation problem, I couldn't make it even though I bought the ticket already OTL Moving on, 10 Points Out Of 10, Only You, I Hate You, Again & Again, Heartbeat, Tired Of Waiting, Don't Stop Can't Stop (my motivational song), Without You, I'll Be Back and finally Hands Up. Oh god what a long way to go if you want me to mention ALL their songs. And even though for I'll Be Back, a lot of people didn't like the song but when they made their comeback, I freakin loved that song okkk, exactly now as I'm typing this, I'm listening to I'll Be Back. So nice so nice.. My bias? Wooyoung, Mr Jang Woo Young.

It's all about 2PM these days to me. And their concert <3 They're messing up my bias list seriously. I just cannot.. Considering all their talents, they're quite underrated to be honest. Their fanbase should be a lot larger. I don't know but I'm gonna stick through thick and thin for them. I'm defensive and overprotective for 2PM. So bishes, go away and have a life. Don't bash, nobody forced you to like them, so you don't have to. They can live with us loyal fans. And I'm really glad to have met the bunch of awesome Hottests on twitter <3 We talk and spazz about them all day and forever using inappropriate words to express the feelings 2PM gave us that cannot be explained. I have a lot of fun everyday :P

The things 2PM members will do for each other, how they stand by each other, all their brotherly love for each other, brothers from another mother. They are so beautiful, I love this fandom. Unless you're a Hottest or a kpop fan, I don't think anyone will understand :)

6 beautiful stars.

But you better know that I'm not giving you away, will I ever stop waiting, no way.

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Hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2PM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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