Week 5 ODG
Tuesday, June 26, 2012 // 0 comment(s)

To sum everything up, professors are breezing through lectures and I can hardly keep up, what more revise everything thoroughly. I do try though. 3 more weeks to exam. I can't afford to mess this up

Let's talk about happier stuff. I went back home last weekend. Main purposes are to buy some more formal wear and samsung galaxy s III :D

I feel so blessed. Parents bought it for me since my phone is malfunctioning all the time it's not even funny. Galaxy s III is so pretty and smooth and amazing. Especially the camera! 

 This was taken 2 days ago when I bought the phone. Can you believe this was taken using the front/secondary camera? I cannot. 1.3 mp. So awesome! Btw, my skin looks so flawless eh not bad..

This is taken today after class. My outfit of the day. And yea, that's my phone and the pink cover. :D



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