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I have so many things on my mind that I cannot blog about! Omg wtf is this blog even for? /resorts to private blog nobody knows about, which everyone does now/ #okayguy.jpg

Alas! Tests and assignments are over and done for! Okay, except for ECS sketch. Omg I don't even know how we're gonna survive through the sketch. We're so not ready fml. Gah I just don't know how much more I need to be in charge of something that is not only of my business but it just seems like nobody really cares. I don't know, I'm not saying that my group people didn't contribute, of course not, but I just hate the fact that I need to be the initiator, the person to call for practice, the person who corrects everyone's any mistakes, the person who seems to be in charge. Gah. I hate I hate I hate. I just don't wanna be a leader. Will someone take over my life?

Really boring and relaxing week last week but super hectic this week. Practices for sketch while cramming Chem and Maths stuff. Both tests are finally over. No more tests for the sem yo. Now, we await the finale. Dammit, it isn't any better.

Anyway, after a maths test and sketch practice that ruined a beautiful saturday morning, Vivian and I went to Tropicana. Woots. We had super awesome and cheap spaghetti. I had spicy tomyam pasta. Wae tastes so nice but yet so cheap? /touched/ Then we walked around and I bought my dream sandals! Finally they have my size omg why are my feet so damn huge? Wtf. Then we watched Petaling Street Warriors. A super hilarious yet action-filled movie. I love love love! So malaysian-singaporean, I can relate. And woots, Yeo Yan Yan is super awesome and pretty at her age! I still cannot believe she came to my house for filming and I took pictures and talked to her! /touched again/ After that, chilled at Starbucks with Javachip Frapuccino(fav!). I love today excluding the morning.

I screwed my maths test 3 over and over again. Why do I always have this situation?

I don't care. Gonna watch Breaking Dawn online now and watch Jay Chou's episode on 100% Entertainement and do other sorts of rubbish.

NO STUDYING AND HOMEWORK FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. Although I'd most probably start doing tutorials tomorrow wtf.

Yay Vivian and I are going for free cake time in Food Foundry later and dimsum tomorrow. Can I say, I love my life right now?

Now, I wish my mum would call me.

There is no star we can't reach, together.


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