The urge
Saturday, November 19, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

There's always a point in my busy daily routine when I just wanna do something really stupid, something I'll laugh off later or something I will never ever do when I'm sober. It's just that humans tend to like to stay in their comfort zones, lazing around doing what they do best, refusing to step out of their said comfort zone. I think that I need excitement in my life since I'm like a socially awkward penguin although I improved much since last year. I need to meet more people, I need to do something that is totally adventurous, I need a life.

Firstly, I need to go on a trip all on my own. I really want to! But my mum won't even let me go to the movies myself. What the. I can see the 'No' look on her face already. My dad, worse. He will never ever approve. My life is sad like this. If I think this through, I will seriously opt to stay in front of the tv or computer, spazzing over Jay Chou and all my other KPop people. I will rather grab a nice novel and drink a cup of Starbucks on a rainy day and spend my whole day like that. I'm really more of a introvert. Even the sport I play is indoors: table tennis. Even though I know volleyball and tennis and whatever else outdoors, I still prefer ping pong. Sigh. It used to be my life. Not anymore.

Secondly, I need to try space-shot. Although I think I will die when the damn thing finally shoots me up into the sky. I really will die of heart attack if I ever get on the thing! I have serious acrophobic( the fear of heights ). I can actually go on normal roller-coasters and even the new superman thing(!!) but nope, not space-shot. One time, my friends forced me to go on the Flying Chairs even though I wasn't mentally ready to go on it, I cried. Yep, like a total loser. Okay. Let's all forget about that fact.

Then, I wanna work and buy myself something expensive that I will really treasure. This is because I haven't actually really worked. The experience of working in my dad's clinic doesn't count because umm, it's unofficial! I never worked for a boss that will scold his workers yet or the kind of bosses who are really nice. Sigh. My life lacks experience. Why am I so sad? Now I need to think what stupid expensive things I will buy. A white grand piano! Uhh okay maybe that's too expensive. A phone? Maybe?

I really wanna continue doing my diploma for piano. I have this urge only when I'm busiest. That's me. Always distracted. What the. My piano skills suck to the max. I cannot do perfect sight-reading to save my life. I need to relearn guitar as well. I don't even remember the chords except for C major and G major. Urgh. #fail

I shall do all these secretly next time.

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