Forever is impossible
Sunday, November 13, 2011 // 0 comment(s)

I'm going to offend a lot of people in a relationship so if you cannot handle the truth, please don't read.

I wrote this based on some of the scenes I've seen when my friends are in a relationship. And by the way, not out of jealousy. Lol funny.

Couples get together and start being cheesy and stick to each other forever, like there's nothing else they want and need. I don't care how you wanna ignore the rest of your friends, how change who you are for someone who might not be with you forever, how you spend thousands and thousands on someone that might break up with you, how you spend so much time on someone who might be not for you. Please just don't utter words that promise forever when the future is still blurry.

I don't understand people who change partners like their ex-es don't mean anything to them at all. Like their ex-es didn't occupy their minds and hearts. When A and B get together, they love with all their hearts and promise to be together forever. Then when they break up, A go with C. Then A will see how good is C compared to B and complain how bad B was. And start all the loving and promising routine wit C. I lost count how many partners some of my friends been with and how many times they start this routine all over again. It doesn't make sense to me. Why? Are these people all heartless? Why don't you sit and wait for someone who is really right for you, then only you should start loving with all your strength and the forever thing is possible?

I hate how shallow some people can be. You are trapped in a camp or in a same school compound or a same college. PS: Some people just cannot live without a boyfriend/girlfriend. They hunt for partners and start being very happy together. And then when they end their school life, they move on to college and find someone hotter and better(apparently).They dump their partners because long distance relationship doesn't work blablablabla and get together with the person they met in college.

Very smart. I am totally speechless. Because, later on they find that the ex-boyfriend they dumped is actually better than the new boyfriend. They then dump the new guy and go back with the ex. Oh my holy cow. What is this messed-up shit? I don't get it! Stay with one person. Oh god.

I just cannot accept how people take relationships so lightly. If I don't feel like I can not be bored and annoyed during the relationship with a certain person, I don't accept him at all. I have the right to do that okay. This is because I get bored and annoyed easily especially when people try to control and change me oh gosh I am annoyed all over now. FTS. Go find someone who is bored so she can handle your bullshit. I am too old for that. Not to mention too tired and busy living my life on the internet.

This is why I'm still single. Thanks to how serious I take relationships and thanks to how easily bored and annoyed I get.

Put your hands up if you are offended because then, you match all the above I mentioned. Peace out.

Why do I always offend people? No wonder I'm #foreveralone.


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