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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 // 0 comment(s)


I had my Chinese paper today and honestly it sucked and I sucked. Still do. Whatever. Then went to JJ(where else?) for Harry Potter with sister. Before that, /skips the puke part/ literally walked around with absolutely nothing to do. Awesome. Sien dou. Had BR. Omg remind me to never buy double scoops anymore. It was heavenly at the beginning but we almost died after the big gigantic scoop. Blah. Saw KS, Mel and Natasha. :D So we tagged along. Yea yea as lifeless as we were. Fine. Tried to find a purse. Tried to find some books. Tried to find some albums. But something bad happened to me. I didn't feel like buying anything at all omg that was weird and scary. And then movie time! It was good. Funny and intriguing and interesting and scary at some parts. I like. :D Sister slept, the whole freakin time. Amazing right? .____. But she watched it before, she was just accompanying me so it's alright I guess. It's JUST 11 bucks. ;__; Then met up with parents and had trouble finding for car due to my mum's worst ever sense of direction omg.

Ok sien. .__. Watching You're Beautiful on 8tv. Going to watch SKK last episode on KBSW now. Bye.

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