Why I like to visit Korea Precious?
Monday, February 15, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Obviously I don't just write on a topic like that for no reason at all unless the topic is SS501 or SHINee or SuJu or FTi or ALOT MORE. Haha you get me.

SO. I'm writing bout this cos Korea Precious is giving SuJu's stuff for free. As long as I write on WHY I LIKE TO VISIT KOREA PRECIOUS. Wtf damn I want it. That's why Im writing. :D HEE.

1. Actually right, I accidentally stumbled on this site. Seriously. I saw it somewhere. Then I got hooked. Mostly because it's written by someone who really loves KPop. Many other KPop sites are handled by sarcastic people who laughs at my pretty korean people when they got sued or whatever. Hmph. This is about sincerity. ALOT OF SINCERITY.

2. News are updated EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. Alot alot of updates. :D When school started, I'm only able to go online on weekdays. Everyday in school I'll be thinking, Omg Im missing lots of updates right now. Seriously when I go online on Saturday, I'll be browsing through for a few pages. Which is a lot.

3. There are lots of pictures. Pictures I take. But of course I do credit when I post it on my site. KOREAPRECIOUS, YOU CAN CHECK. Haha. A lot of pictures from photoshoots. Really nice ones.

4. They constantly changes the layout. It's refreshing. Not boring. Imagine if you visit a site with the same old layout every single day. Dies. RIGHT?

5. Song of the Month thing is awesome! I get to know lots of new songs I didn't even know about. =.= NOW I HAVE SONG OF THE WEEK which i haven't changed in a few months it can be song of the year fml.



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