Useless day.
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Sister asked me to watch this. Nice!

I woke up and watched the ending of the Just Follow Law I recorded. I love Jack Neo's movies. All so real and funny. And same like our daily lives lah. Somemore got Phua Chu Kang. Lol. Then I dunno what I did actually. What did I do? God. Then at 2pm, I watched MAMA. ♥♥♥♥♥ Then I slept for awhile. I booked tickets for True Legend but I was terrified of the crowd at TGV. Mad siao. See? Can you imagine now? MAD SIAO. So many people. Movie was at 6pm. But I reached at 5pm and the queue so long somemore. Sure they cancelled my booking. So went home. HEES. So glad. I kinda swore to never go to JJ anymore. But. JUST JOKING. If I cannot go JJ then where else can I go? Cries. The jam was horrible. Why is KL so dead and Ipoh so sodding jammed? WEIRD.

We went Koh Samui for dinner instead. Crowded as well. Had our 2nd Yu Sang. It's better than the one in Seremban. :D Everyone was mad full. Lol. I came home and watched 90210 and Ugly Betty and Fahrenheit's Fantasy tour documentary and the Super Star CNY thing. Yep I was real busy. HAHA.

I was persuaded to watch the AC Milan-Man Utd match. I think I will if I can wake up. I'm gonna sleep soon and wake up at 3.30. Heh. Apparently, this is one match I cannot afford to miss. LOLOLOLOL.

So nights everybody. I love you all!


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