Happy Chinese New Year.
Monday, February 15, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Apparently it's a year of Tiger, so everyone shouldn't wear red. Bloody hell? Seriously? I thought there's this NIAN story. Red is supposed to kill it or chase it away. If we don't wear red, then what. is. the. sodding. point? Hmm.

We KINDA celebrated CNY in school. Principal allowed everyone to wear something red. SO. Everyone wore red ribbons on their hair and wrists and fingers. BUT. Since I don't have a red ribbon and I don't have hair, I mean long hair, SO. Since I have my dental appointment a day before the celebration thing, I DECIDED TO. Change my braces colour to RED. So special right? Everyone's so amazed. Normally I'll stick to colours like TURQUOISE. PINK. FUHSIA. LALALALA. I even told Pn Soraya. SO MRS LEE I SHOULD TOTALLY GET YOUR PRIZE TOO. ALONG WITH BIANCA. :D

Then we Mrs Lee sang the He Xin Nian song. Hee.

Sunday we came to Seremban. FYI, Im still in sodding hot Seremban. Boohoo. Ate lunch at grandma's house. Ate dinner at grandma's house. The smoke was killing me. Literally. Couldn't open my eyes. FML. We were supposed to wait till 12 midnight to pray or smtg but we were ALL so sleepy so we prayed at 11pm. =.=

So. Next day we had breakfast at this hotel. Then went for lunch at grandma's house. Dinner at Bintang Hotel. :D We were like, so full. Since we are all small eaters. The portions are like so huge! We ended up packing every single dish. Like half of it. HAHA. Useless. The waiters keep laughing at us. Lol. It was cold too. AND MY SODDING HEELS WERE KILLING ME. NOW I FEEL LIKE KILLING MY HEELS. Haha.

So I slept. Dreamt dreamt dreamt dreamt! I fee dizzy now. HAHA. Gotta bathe now and eat breakfast and go home. WANNA STOP AT A&W AGAIN! Haha. Awesome wei.

Needa go home and record Star Golden Bell and Invincible Youth. And watch MNET. :D HAPPY HAPPY.

I havent written a proper post since how long ago? I dunno. Lol. And yes. I consider this a proper post. *glares*



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