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Channel V, Thailand's first music channel [Ranking]

1.Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
2.SNSD – Gee
3.Tohoshinki – Stand By U
4.SNSD – Genie
5.Bigbang – Gara Gara Go
6.Jerry Yan – Zai KTV Shuo Ai Ni
7.2PM – Again & Again
8.Super Junior – It's You
9.SHINee – Juliette
10.Tohoshinki – Share The World
11.G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
12.TVXQ – Wrong Number
13.Fahrenheit – Love You More & More
14.Bigbang – Sunset Glow
15.Super Junior M – Super Girls
16.Tohoshinki – Survivor
17.2PM – I Hate U
18.Bigbang – Strong Baby
19.F.T. Island – Bad Woman
20.Bigbang – With U
21.Tohoshinki – Bolero
22.Jejung & Yuchun – Colors Melody & Harmony
23.SHINee – Amigo
24.Bigbang – Number 1
25.SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
26.Berryz Koubou – Dschinghis Khan
27.Utada Hikaru – Come Back To Me
28.Rain – Love Story
29.TVXQ – Mirotic
30.2NE1 – Fire
31.KARA – Wanna
32.Wonder Girls – Nobody
33.TVXQ , SJ , SHINee – Seaside
34.NEWS – Love Of ABO
35.SS501 – You're My Heaven
36.Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
37.Bigbang – My Heaven
38.Jay Chou – Shou Hao De Xing Fu Ne
39.Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo
40.F.T. Island – I Hope
41.Bigbang – Let Me Hear Your Voice
42.DNT – Crazily Pretty
43.SHINee – Love Like Oxygen
44.Tohoshinki – Mirotic (Japanese Version)
45.Tegomass – Tanabata Matsuri
46.KARA – Honey
47.Jay Chou – She Wu
48.Bigbang – How Gee
49.F.T. Island – I Believe Myself
50.Tegomass – Ai Ai Gasa













Oh and. Lemme post MOMO LOVE pics. These are from the cam. I lazy to upload from my phone. Heh.

 One hour before they are here. Wtf. Lol. And no Im not thaaat much taller than my sis, we were on the stairs. HAHA.
 Hwang Jing Lun. He sang a song. He's fudding cute okay.
 Taking pic for those bodoh people.
Taking pic with a disabled girl. Didnt zoom. SO NEAR RIGHT?

Okay. These are FEW of so many pics. Haha. Don wanna overflood my blog.


Now. Some random pics from KL.

In hotel. We prefer resting than walking. HAHA.
 Cute caucasian!




OH and I dreamt that I was at somekinda party. With lots of people. So I was just walking and squeezing thru many many people. AND. I started seeing Jay Chou. Jackie Chan. Lam Feng. AND a lot of random celebs there wtf. I MAD HAPPY OKAY. Lol. I was like, starstruck all the way. Lol.


This book Im reading by Louise Bagshawe rocks. Its called, PASSION. I love it.


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