They are loved AFTER they are famous.
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I think Im also someone like that lor. Omg. I feel so bad nao. But actually everyone also like that one lah. Lets say you got a guy as your bff. You think he's a super good bff almost like girl bff liao. But you secretly think he's ugly or not yeng enough etc. SURE GOT ONE RIGHT DON LIE OKAI.

You will be thinking, He's a very nice person but I wont fall in love with him. Well. True!!


1. Jay Chou


He's been through alot. He knows he's not good looking. But he worked hard. He learned all kinds of music instrument and magic and all. He really deserves his fame now. He has the talent. He sings, he writes songs (tune and lyrics), he acts, he directs. But one thing is, he doesnt really dance. Heh. He acted in a few huge movies before like, Secret, Kungfu Dunk and The Treasure Hunter. He has like, 9 albums now. All his songs are nice. Awesome! If you know music, you will realise most of his songs, he just used simple chords and key like C major. Super easy. But why don we care? Because the songs, end up ear candies. They are very nice and sweet. But simple. Don you just admire him for those? He got the creativity every director needs. When you direct, you can be boring and just focus on the person. His directing IS very creative. Go watch Secret. You are so outdated if you haven't. And his new movie, The Treasure Hunter. He didnt direct I think. But all the kungfu fighting parts, he did it himself. He didnt find a substitute. How professional right? :)

2. Aska Yang

Okay. One pic is enough. I cant find more la. Heh. Anyway, he seriously is ugly. Especially when he hasn't debuted. He got his fame when he was still in the competition. One Million Star. Its a very nice singing competition in Taiwan. The people who joined can really sing omg. Thats why we like to watch it. You know Jam Hsiao? He got famous when he went on his competition. No. He didnt join the competition. He just merely went and PK with the people who joined. Yeah they have this PK thing one. He went a few times. POOF. He's famous wtf. Lol. Aska Yang is famous for his voice that is sad. KU QIANG in chinese. Makes you feel like crying. Listen to this.  Und the lyrics. Sad. Its bout him, always in the background, not noticeable. =( Anyway, enjoy the song!

3. Onew

I wasnt in the KPop world when SHINee debuted. So I don really know what happened and how they chose the members and all. But one thing Im sure, people will definitely not like him for his looks. IF they are looking for a hot one. But he's cute now isn't he? His voice, major ear candy. :D Super nice. Oh btw. All celebs wont look this good if they weren't famous and have no makeup artists to makeup for them.

4. Kyujong


He was afraid he wouldn't beable to mix well with other people. But now, he has become like a Seoul native. And he's hot and FAMOUS! Happy happy! If Park Jungmin didn't fix his hair and makeup and clothes, he said, he wouldn't be chosen to be a member of SS501. So thankie Jungmin. :D

5. Park Ji Sung

So tell me, will you like him if he isn't famous already? NO RIGHT? You will like people like, Kim Bum who is already good looking before he's famous. I love watching him play football. Such bliss. He will be looking soooo determined. ;)

6. Daesung

Like Jill once said, He may not have the most beautiful face in the whole world, but he has the most beautiful heart. :) He is super charismatic on stage. Believe me. Go watch BigBang's live perfs.

7. Gary Cao

Okay one pic enough la. Lol. He is also not good looking but just average. Look how famous he is now. Renown everywhere. Not only in M'sia. He can write the best songs, but Jay Chou still bestest. Heh. He sings well. This song beat loads of HK artists at the award show I watched on TV in KL.  Damn nice wei. Listen to the background music. Super chio! He beat Lam Feng, Joey and etc's songs. GENG LEH. :D

8. Jam Hsiao

This guy, gawsh. He became famous after only 3 appearance on One Million Star. Like how I said earlier. After only awhile, he became so famous he already dueted with Ah Mei. Ah Mei is very DA PAI one okay. She's like so famous and geng. Everyone respects her. Jam Hsiao must be really good to beable to duet with her already. His singing is nice. Got the sad voice too. :D Rockish and sad.

9. Wooyoung

I DON CARE! WOOYOUNG IS HOT OKAY. Just that I think alot may not think he is hot. But still he is again, adored by soooo many HOTTEST after he's famous. This world is so real. Tsk. Charismatic. ;D I love himmmmm.

10. Rain

Okay surely everyone knows Rain. Duh. So I put up one pic more than enough la. He's like the first Korean to be REALLY REALLY FAMOUS. Full House, the drama he acted with Song Hye Kyo, is like the drama that introduced the world to KPop. After that drama, lots of people became obsessed with Korean singers, actors and all. Its all the drama. :D Rain is famous everywhere. He sings, he dances and he acts. Like, in Ninja Assassin. CHIO. When he dances, expecially with those stupid water on him, you cant help but go OH OH OH MY GOD. Lol. Looks at his abs. Fullstop. =.=


He is ♥

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