Supernatural books.
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 No no no. Not supernatural books. Just books bout supernatural people. As in fiction. =.=

Truthfully, I love reading vamp books. I also dunno why. I just love love love. But not all la. I'll just do a simply review based on my own opinion on the books.

Okay. So.

Obviously the Twilight series. When I first read the book, I was like, Wow. Okay. It doesnt have over complicated kinda history bout vamps and wolves. Just simple. But I think Bella's a bit too much. Kinda exaggerating lor. Where got you lose your bf (in Newmoon) then so depressed one? Mad. The story overall is nice. Especially Breaking Dawn. ;)

Next. Vampire Academy series. This book got abit of complicated history behind the Moroi, Strigoi and Dhampir. I cant really rmb ady. But I think also quite nice lor. I like the guy's name. Dimitri. :D The ending of the 3rd book is sad. SO SAD. Abit of spoiler here. The guy somehow turned into a Strigoi by obviously Strigois. So he asked her to kill him IF he turns into a Strigoi next time. SO. Now she's going to fulfill the promise. And I cant find the 4th book anywhere. T.T Kim read it online. But I cant find it. Double T.T

This is quite lame la. Vampire Diaries. This series got 2 books. Then got the Secret Circle by the same author. That one bout witches one. =.= This book is nice. Got movie already but I haven watched yet. SO SAD LOR. The guys sound hot. The actors acting them also hot. Damon and Stefan. I LOVE STEFAN!! Hehehehhh. The girl sounds hot too. Elena. :D Its quite nice. No spoilers coz i cant flipping rmb what the book's about. LOL. Yeah. Damn me.

Okay. I think no more vamps one ady. Now. Move to rojak one.

NIGHT WORLD!! I love the series. EH SO NICE LOR. SO BUY LA DENG. SERIOUSLY. Its a rojak bout witches, vamps, wolves and shape shifters or smtg liddat. Very nice. One book got 3 stories I think. :D Then all the stories in all books kinda related one. SO NICE HOR.

City of Bones. I read it last year I think. A few of them borrowed from me. And I saw Jee Cheng read it this year. HAHAHA. This story is quite weird. Fullstop. Okay no lemme continue. Its actually okay la. but weird. Weird. Weird. Okay. Stop.

Now. Witches one.

Wicked series. Its bout witches. When I first bought it, I actually read abit then stopped coz its too complicated and I cant und. Lol. So I reread it a year later. And its actually nice. BUT complicated.

Secret Circle series. Witches. If Im not wrong. The girl's name is Claire. Lol. The book's very near me now but Im too lazy to check. HAHAHA. This is okay la. The mean girl's name is Fern. Guy's name is.. I forgotten. No his name is not I forgotten. I just said I forgotten his name. Boo me.


Harry Potter la duh. This series ah, my all time fav wei. Super nice. Duh. No need me to say. Unless you are a christian and your parents don let you read, everyone should totally read this series. HAHA. Got translations one. BM and chinese. Lame but just read I don care. I love Hermione!! Emma Watson. And Robert Pattinson's fans, he's in it too. =.=


Cecelia Ahern's books. All weird weird one. I recommend Where Rainbows End. Its a VERY sad book. =( And don ever read A Place Called Here. So lame I wanna die. And Thanks For The Memories quite nice lor.

Weird but nice books.

Pendragon series. Time travelling. Very nice. I like it. Seriously. Whatshisname is brave and all. And the story is very original la. At least I think so.

Lol. Im like recommending books. I think I am. Lol. So read okay don waste mai efforts. :D



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