He jumped, I died.
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Short version.


I held up one hand to shield my eyes from the glaring sun, in order to see where he was going. Why didn't he answer me when I called out to him?

I followed him. Careful not to let him notice. I almost tripped when I stepped on a twig. Thank god he didn't hear that. I continued following him. Where is he going in such a hurry? Probably exercise or something. Heck no I don't even believe myself.

He got blurry. I thought it was my sweat that betrayed my eyes but no, its wasn't because it was still blurry even after I tried wiping it away. The ground spinned below me. I lost my balance.

I woke up feeling grouchy. I jumped up, startled. As I looked into blackness of his eyes, I felt like I was going through a tunnel of his soul. It was the shortest way to reach to him. But he wouldn't let me. He never did let me. He made sure I was fin then turned away, wore his coat and walked out the door.


I couldn't even hear myself. Of course he couldn't too. He didn't turn back. I grabbed a coat and chased him. This time, I didn't bother hiding. He ran and ran into the woods. I knew why he went into the woods. He was feeling guilty. He just found out that he killed his best friend. He didn't know.

'You shouldn't feel guilty.'
'Why shouldn't I? I killed him.' His voice was as cold as ice. I shivered.

He wouldn't listen to me. I chased and chased while calling his name. He refused to look back. He reached the other side of the woods. He stopped. I ran as fast as I could to reach him in time. He looked up at the sky, feeling the warmth of the sun's ray on his face, he breathed in the salty smell of the ocean. He turned back and looked at me. He smiled, as though everything was fine, as though he no longer had problems. I ran. I felt my heartbeat increasing, my heart banging against my ribcage. I couldn't breathe. My tears threatening to fall. I couldn't stop crying when I reached the cliff, because I saw him. Him, gone.

He jumped, I died.


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