Mandarin language.
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I ♥ Mandarin. I was originally from AMC. Fyi, its a chinese school. =.= Then I moved to MGS for secondary. I love MGS more. YAY! And its better. Much better. In everyway. :D Click here to know how I felt when i first came to MGS.

1. No needa study Mandarin 24/7 of course good one la no matter how much I love the language. Lol. Doesnt make sense.

2. People nicer. LESS LALAs I heard. Lol. Still got la like duh. But. Yeah. Less. x)

3. Teachers nicer. More approachable.

4. Less workload. :D Kind and negotiable teachers. Well. I love love love!!

5. More open.

Okay la. Enough. That isn't even the main point for this post.

MGS makes them mix with other people other races. And they can improve their English better.                                                           -beloved mummy-

Mandarin. Its one of the international languages. Which is awesome. Alot of ang moh also learning Mandarin. And yours truly no needa learn so san fu anymore. Because yours truly already know! Chio or not!!

You can read Mandarin newspaper and storybooks and novels! So happy. But I gotta admit Mandarin newspaper sucks. When they do literal translations on people's names, it seriously sucks. Ronaldo can become LO NA DUO what flip. Mandarin not many novels I can read because most of it goes vertically down and it sucks like anything. Goodness. If you can read Mandarin, go simply flip thru one vertically down Mandarin words. Idk you la. But I cannot one lor. I can go super dizzy and I wont und a single thing bout it. FML.

You can watch taiwanese dramas and not need to go scratching your head thinking, what is the person flipping talking about? And no needa search for DVDs with English/Malay subtitles. And you can read the Mandarin subtitles when you watching movies in cinema. So chio lor. Thank god I studied Mandarin wei.

Then. You can speak Mandarin which is very awesome. You can speak to your friends and show the hell off. So fun hor. I should try speaking more. HAHA. Then you can speak to tourists or speak to the ppl in China properly. ;D

You can also text in Mandarin. I hate it wei. I hate texting in Mandarin. Its so teruk. Sibeh teruk okay. So ma fan one lor. So normally when I text in Mandarin, I talk a lil only. Lazy to type so much la. But then you can talk to those Chinese school LALAs who cant text in English. Bad for the LALA coz they cannot speak English, good for you coz you can kenal one hot LALA. HAHA.

When you can read Mandarin, you can und abit of Jap one lor. When Jing writes Jap, I can guess what its about. Because Jap got those Mandarin writing. Yeah. They steal ppl's words. Nvm. So when she write those Mandarin characters, I can guess. Lets say the word AI. Jap also got use one. But not read as AI. But meaning is AI. SO FUN HOR!

Hmmm. Lemme think somemore got what.

OH yeah. You can talk to your dog in Mandarin. Okay. Thats lame. Ugh.

OH OH OH. You can und what Mandarin and Canto singers are singing about. You can read the lyrics and all. HAHA. Then you can read bout them online or wherever eventhough its in Mandarin!

Okay, I know you super wanna learn Mandarin now. So go. Don go for school's stupid POL. That one is bodoh. Go for real classes. ♥


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