Scenario 1.
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I got this idea from dramas/movies. Okay here goes.

If you're friends with someone. Lets say his name is Dylan. HAHAHA IM SO BIASED. I LIKE BARON CHEN. AND HIS NAME IN THE MOVIE IS DYLAN. OKAY. I SHALL STOP PROMOTING MY BIASISM. Dylan and you: best friends. Thing is, you like him. He likes you. OMG SO SWEET ONE. So one day he cannot tahan already he go kiss you. OMG. You wanna faint already but you dowan him to know you like him too because idk la some complicated stuff. And you scared if don work out then cannot be friends also then seriously can die. So when he kissed you.. you can react in 2 ways.

First. You go all so gooey and melty. Wtf melty? Got such word one meh? Whatever la. Zhong zhi you mmg show how much you like him also la. Then kiss non stop like never kiss before what flip. Then he obviously knows that you like him too. Then he says I Love You. You also say back. Then go home. Quote SzeLing, go home and do yeh. LMAO! Then then he proposes. You say yes. Since he's a flipping millionaire, wedding very nice lor. Then got big mansion. Big car. Big room. Big toilet. Big handbag. Big clothes. OKAY NO LA. Then got baby. And babies. And puppies and dogs and pets. WHOA SO NICE ONE THE LIFE. Then you guys live happily ever after.


When you think you life is perfect, suddenly one blonde lady comes into the scene. Dylan says is his manager in his uber big company. So you believe him. But he everyday HOI O TEA. Typical. So you find detective go stalk him. In a limo. Lol. So weird. Nvm. You stalk stalk stalk. Then found out he's having affair. Then you go OMG WTF. HAHAHA. You get very angry. So you go check his phone blablablabla. You found cheesy texts and emails. LOL. Typical. You get very angry then you go take a knife and go stab him. OMG HE'S DEAD, you screamed. Then you run run run. Then you fell down and OOPS. You woke up. Its just a dream. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH.

Secondly. You pretend you don feel anything after he kissed you. So heartbreaking for my Dylan la. Okay la. YOUR Dylan. =( So you just say, hmm. I don feel anything. WHILE looking at his devastated look. OMG SO SAD. You wanna change your mind but walk off before doing so. So he is left alone there. So sad la my story. No no. The drama. T.T Then you walk away with tears in your eyes. You start sobbing. Omg. You're so sad. But you cannot let him know you like him for idk whatt stoopid reason. But cannot torture ppl liddat one mah! You very determined to not want him to know. So. it goes on like this. Awkward like anything. But still you dowan to tell him. So.. Story getting boring. AISH.

HAHAHAHAHA. SO FUN HOR. I'll put on more scenarios here. I think I watch too many dramas already. Lol.



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