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I love dreaming sometimes. At least I wasn't wasting my time sleeping. LOL. No la. I love good and happy dreams. :D These are some of things I dreamt before. Heh. I'll tell you bout them if I rmb but you know, I cannot rmb some dreams eventhough its fresh in my mind just a min ago. LOL.

Good dreams
1. JAY CHOU! I remember this dream. So vividly etched onto my mind. =) So happy!! Its in Stephen's mum's ex daycare centre. The one next to the big house. We used to go for tuition there so yeah. Its like, I was there talking to Stephen and Kai. Got lots of kids around la. Then when at night kids go home, Stephen and Kai also hilang dunno where. Left me and some randoms kids around. THEN. Idk why Jay Chou suddenly appear. Omg. I feel so stupid now. Lol. Its like he came for no reason. He just singgah awhile then disappear. That time I so sad. T.T When he appeared at first, I rmb I was soooo happy. I hugged him la like duh! Then asked for autograph. Why I so brave one? I think now I wont one lor. Lol. But super happy la that dream. When I wake up only I sad. Lol.

2. KL. :D I rmb before sleeping I was thinking bout you know, the Pong comp. It was on that day and he was there ma. And I was reading Pendragon. That book about water and swimming stuffs one. So I dreamt bout KL in a swimming comp! Rojak, mix everything up.HAHAHAHHAHA. I was there with some friends. I don rmb which friends la. I was at the bench watching. After he won, he went somewhere then appeared next to me. WHY MY DREAMS ALL SO HAPPY ONE! Hahaha. The looked at me awhile smiled and dived into water. Then. I woke up. =.= POTONG STIM!

3. Shopping. I cant rmb where and what I bought. Just smtg liddat la.

4. Travelling. I went Macau and saw HJ and Kim Bum they all. This dream was after I saw those pics and knew that they went back to Korea from Venetian EXACTLY ONE DAY before we went Macau what flip can die!

5. Okay I cannot rmb already. LOL.

Bad dreams
1. Weird ghosts. This was when I was very small. Idk why I can still rmb one. Lol. In my old house the taman there, got one slope down beside the jungle. When I was walking down the slope, everywhere no one. Not one single person there. I thought nothing one la. See see. In front of my house got a huge see saw. Behind seesaw got alot of weird ghost. Some look like Simpsons. Lol. Idk why was I so scared. I saw them and I stood there. So afraid but didnt dare to scream coz I scared will kacau neighbours. I know. =.=

2. Shadows. I dreamt that we were in a hotel somewhere. Then while I was going around the room visiting and so excited, I went into the toilet la. Then idk where everyone went. Suddenly its only me. When I went into toilet, suddenly it became vey dark. And suddenly got alot of toilets what flip. Then I got chased by shadows which idk is what. I ran and ran and ran. Shouted but nobody came to rescue me. I was so scared. Omg I can feel the scariness now. Ugh. So scary! I ran and ran till the last cubicle. Thank god before the dream ended, Mummy woke me up. I WAS SO TYEBTGREHJGTRW HAPPY!!!

Btw. They said if your dream got ending means you're dead. SO SCARY!! And dreaming means your soul went out of your body blablabla. So weird one meh? Then if you're sleeping and your soul went out, and someone decided to prank you and draw on your face or paint your nails or do smtg weird to you, your soul wont be able to come back into your body and you'd be dead before you even know it. OMG. Those actors in dramas don die becoz of this becoz its fake. They weren't even sleeping when people prank on them. So don suka suka syok syok go follow those drama okay? I so scared now.

3. Black ghosts. I know I got alot more ghost dreams involving black ghosts in dark places. But I don rmb la.

So yeahh. Dreams are scary in conclusion. But sometimes they make your day IF you got happy dreams lah. If not, scares the hell outta you. Booshit.


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