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Undang Test
I was supposed to wake up at 7am. But I think I stopped the alarm, no I didnt snooze it. T.T Mummy woke me up at 7.30am. Gawsh. That time I so flipping scared I'll fail the test lor. Coz no time to read ady. So scared. Then the man came and fetch me and PeiQi. AND WHERE GOT BEFORE EXAM GO TAKE PICTURE ONE? EVERYONE WOULD BE SCARED RIGHT HOW TO SMILE FOR THE PICTURE? FOL. Anyways. I went in the computer room and finished half in like 3 mins. SO. I gotta like waste abit of time coz idk can go out earlier or not. So I was like staring at each question for like so flipping long. And checked my reflection on the compuer screen. HAHAHA. Then PeiQi went out so I also quickly finished it and go out too. AFTER ALL THAT I USED LIKE 11 MINS ONLY FML. AND IM HAPPY. I GOT 48/50. UNFML!! :DDD So after I reached home, I went back to sleep coz so fudding sleepy lor beh tahan already. I dreamt of us going Genting and saw Miss Chee. And after I passed the test shouldn't I be like laughing in my dream? See see, all I do in that dream was saying FML FML FML THIS IS THE WORSE DAY OF MY LIFE. Wtf is wrong with me right? Gawsh. And I dreamt of fudding snakes the night before. God. FML.

Movie marathon/Lepak/Shopping
Then Nyit Yi came and fetch me and PeiQi to JJ. Went and got tickets first thing. AND OMG SIEW THE GUY WHO SOLD TICKETS TO PEIQI LIKES HER. OMG. SO CUTE LOR HIM. Everytime we come up to TGV here, he'll be like looking at our direction. But who cares? He's cute. :D So yeah we went MPH to stalk on WeiChing. And bought Wuthering Heights. I always wanted to buy it but never got a round to. So happy! :D HAHA. Wanted to buy a Korean book but kinda forgotten bout it. Walked around and around and around and around. God so boring. Then time for movie already. Went and bought popcorns and drinks. We all holding so many stuffs even for Kim who hasn't appeared yet wtf. Princess and The Frog SO super hilarious can die. Omg. We were laughing like mad. Can have asthma attack already. GOD. SERIOUSLY. We all love the movie. And all agreed that Lottie IS WeiChing. :D Don feel insulted babe.

After movie, before we even step out from the tunnel thing, we decided we have nothing to do to pass the time till 7.30pm so PeiQi straightaway went and bought tickets for Storm Warriors. Not from Siew. What a waste. =/ Siew was so jealous. Okay this is one I reka one. I THINK he's jealous lah. HAHA. So we just stood there in a circle and talked and screamed and peoplewatched. Until 3.15pm. Then I bought another coke omg nao I think of coke also I wanna puke. PeiQi bought sausage. She not full one lor I tell you. Somemore during Princess and the frog I gave her half of my popcorn as usual la. Gad. The movie is full of nonsense. MOU TAO MOU MEI one lor. But Nicholas Tse, Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng and blablabla all super hot. So old already somemore got abs. Whole movie also I keep chanting SO YENG AH SO YENG AH. I think PeiQi very sick of me liao. Then everytime the Feng guy disappear we said he go Starbucks coz he thinks the movie very boring. So he go Starbucks. HAHAHAHAHHA. The movie seriously no humour one. All also we audience find coz no one took the movie seriously. Lol. Its like that guy created a name for Aaron Kwok's new sword style. PeiQi asked me, what word is that? I said IDK HOW COME IDK ONE. Behind us also someone asked. See see its a new word he created. So fudding stoopid. Somemore say, YOU.CAN.READ.IT.AS.BA. Omg. Laughed the crap out of us. BA?!! Gad.

Then we walked walked walked walked walked walked walked. So boring. Then Sandra came at about 7pm. We went Christmas shopping for some friends lah. HAHA. And our Add Maths teacher also. We bought her a clock. HAHA. And some Big Apple for her and ourselves. We so kind hor? She even texted us after tuition to thank us again. HAHAHA. My reply super bombarstic wor. Chiu. So we bought some presents and ate at Kahve. The new white place. We all ended up ordering the set meal coz we lazy to think what to order. So fudding tired already okay.

PS: Idk why everytime we go out also sure no pictures one. FOL.

Add Maths Tuition
We spent half the time eating. HAHAA. Teacher so kind. Lol. We laughed so much. PeiQi la full of bullcrap. :D

PeiQi as the class monitor presented her the clock. Lol.
 Empty Big Apple. Loltastic.
 Sandra eating I THINK. Lol.


Came back half dead.

Today. Woke up at 7am coz my parents and bro wake up super early one. Terbising me so yeah. =.= Then slept back till 12pm. Went Pizza Hut for lunch. Yummy. Ate the new thing. Idk what. Look for yourself.









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