What's your fav colour?
Monday, December 14, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

I can very well hear Jing shout, ORANGE. Yeah okay.

Then I hear Joevy SCREAM, PINK.

And I hear Nyit Yi echo Joevy.

Okay Idk anyone else's fav colour already. Im sucha bad friend. :(

And I hor don have a permanent fav colour. LIKE GOT STOOPID PHASES ONE LOR WHAT FLIP.

I want to like very yeng, what's your fav colour? Then I can answer PINK/BLACK/BLUE/GREEN.

But I got fav colour for one thing by one thing one okay I also dunno what I talking bout.

Room: Orange. I love it.

Clothes: Black, white, grey, pink. Last time I cannot accept wearing pink coz like I feel like everybody can see me. Nao I don care already.

Phone: Red. Eh red only yeng shit okay. RED!! And I admit lah this pic so hideous. *hides*

Sofa: Yellow. I like milky yellow I want for my soon-to-be volksvagen. HAHA. How you spell volksvagen ah? Aish. But I like lor. Got sofa in room. Like very chio. :D Ps: I tidied my sofa just for this one pic. Omg. So not worth it. =/

Nails: Black, blue, pink. HAHAA. See. Told you I don have fav colour one.

Nah my house. HAHAHAHA.

House: Brown. Yeah la. If not pink for house meh? Can die la then. I not so lala one okay.

Plants: Green. Okay this is stoopid. *slaps self*




Dogs: Gold, black, white. Well my Golden Retriever who cant retrieve anything is gold in colour but more of brown nao cos that fella likes rain and water omg. Mongrel is white. SUPER SMART LA THAT DOG. The tiny but heavy Poodle mix Shih Tzu is black and white. HAHA. Shih Tzu face but curly fur. WTF. And fml cannot find pics of her without the cage one. SHIT.

Hair: Black, brownish red. HAHAHA Gonna dye dye dye.

Some of my bags.
Bags: Orange, white, black, beige. Actually bag what colour also I'll like one la. As long as designs nice. =P

Soo. See what I mean nao? I got different colours I want for diff things. I wouldn't want a flipping pink house altho I still do adore pink. And absopinkishlutely not green for my room. GAWSH. Unless its milky green. :D Im in love with milky colours nao lah shit. Oh and I don have any green or blue shirts. FML.

So. What's your fav colour? :D


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