A Christmas Carol.
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Okay a short review.


1. Really 3D movie. So you'll jump at the BOOM parts. Well. Kids were crying. So maybe not for the weak hearted ones. But I like the 3D thing. When they were shooting for a rooftop looking down the ground, my gayat feeling came out. Seriously like Im there. Well. Effect was overall good la. Those sound effects when ghosts/spirits jump out and when he falls and bangs into stuffs.

2. Story is kinda good. Teaches you to be kind(like me). Not to shut everything down. Not to forget your past and all. Appreciate present. Control your future. Wtf I don like to speak so philosophical stuffs.

3. I like the author, Charles Dickens. :D He wrote Oliver Twist. Lovess. You must be living with my dog if you dunno who's Charles Dickens.

4. I like the kid. OKAY NO LAH. THE KID IS THE ONE WHO SITS IN FRONT OF US IN THE CINEMA. He very cute lor. Malay kid. So small. Maybe 2-3 years old. His daddy got popcorn but he dowan to eat. I cant finish mine so as usual la, I gave PeiQi mine. See see. That kid so mengada go and stretch the hand to reach PeiQi or technically my popcorn. PeiQi pun let him dig lah. He dig so long lor. After a few times I think kid got tired, he lagi mengada just go take the whole popcorn away. His mummy saw then say, EH SIAPE PUNYA? Then quickly wanna give us back. PeiQi said TAK PAYAH LAH. Then mummy said THANK YOU AH. Okay why I go tell all the details. Lol. SO CUTE LOR. THE KID. LOVES. I think I looked at the kid more than the screen. Lol.

5. OH AND I LIKE THE SPIRIT OF THE PRESENT CHRISTMAS IDK LA WTF. He kept laughing. We all laugh nonstop lah. Its like my brother lor. Everytime he wanna make people laugh when jokes are not funny, he'll laugh till very funny then everyone sure laugh till siao. This stoopid sprit liddat lah. Dying already still laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHHA. Siao one.


1. Ghost of the future christmas part super boring lor. Dunno what run here chase there can die. Boring. Better look at the kid. :D

2. Present ghost laugh too much I think I laughed like siao po. Stupid one. PeiQi almost wanna throw coke at the screen already.

3. Characters so ugly lor. Very detailed lah. But omg, the man's face SO FLIPPING UGLY!! Yuck.

4. Too 3D already. Quote PeiQi, WRITE SO BIG FOR WHAT. THOUGHT I MANG ONE MEH. Seriously. Pity people sitting at 4th row(us). FOL.

5. Dunno why I don feel satisfied after watching this movie. Normally when movie ends, I feel some kinda satisfaction. This time, nada. Boohooo.







BUYING BOOKS PART!! I bought 2 books. :D SO NICE!! I mean I haven read lah. But I think nice lor.

Okay la very sleepy already. Gonna bathe nao for dinner is soon! Fml. So tired. =(


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