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Friday, November 20, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Today is a waste of time. Not to mention the depressing atmosphere.

Rewatched Slumdog Millionaire. Actually we watched half already yesterday. But today sc2 and sc3 people joined us. So we're so kind to rewatch it again though I actually slept through the starting. Lol. The movie is so awesome. Dev Patel is so cute. :D I ♥ the movie. Heh. Then was watching 17 Again. We didnt finish watching it the other day. See see Principal just barged in and asked us to off the air cond and that we should go back to class. Boo. So we went back and talked lah. As usual. I was looking through Sze Ling's Sis's cookbook. Hee. The cookies look so delicioussss. Ate the Oreo Cheesecake Sze Ling brought to school for recess. OKAY LAH CANNOT SELL TO PEOPLE YET. Hah. Went back class and talked somemore. Bullshitting around. Nothing to do also. OH. We got to drink Milo. The Milo Van came. Lol. We EEEIII-ed nonstop. :D We cut queue too. The atmosphere was sooooo dead. Kim and Mabel were depressed shit for IDK what. I know what's wrong with Kim la. But Mabel? She refused to tell us. She's my ex hao peng you nao. Hmph. Then had a small scale gotong royong. But obviously we didnt do anything. I just help wrote 4S1 '09 under the rubbish bin. Heh. So then the cheesy moment came and they took pictures and hugged each other and blablabla. SO CHEESY LOR. BOO.

Anyways. Hopefully mummy lemme come online again later. Wanna play Uno with Nyit Yi. :D

Chem tuition later. Last lesson. 2 hours. =( Whatevah. Baibai.]


Okay. I posted this on class blog too. Hope they won't be mad at me. :D And this is yesterday's post. Haha.

SHINee, 2PM and MBLAQ. Credits to Korea Precious.

Im in Science 1. :D Thank god.

What we did in school today
1. Rubik's cube.
2. IQ Car.
3. IQ Gaming.
4. Gossiped.
5. Got happy bout the fact that we're all in Science1.
6. Watched Slumdog Millionaire.
7. Got worried bout Nyit Yi.
8. Talked.
8. Drank 'Happy Juice'.
9. Eh-ed.
10. Laughed.
11. Got kinda depressed coz its our 2nd last day of form 4.

So. I came home. Watched yesterday's You're My Destiny. Slept. Napped I meant. Heh. Ate maggi. Went for tuition. :D Quote of the day: When you were once young. HAHA. Came home. Waited for 2 hours before Sis passed me the comp. So Im here till now. Addicted to Uno. And strangers can be so flattering sometimes. ♥ Joshua J. Whoever that is. HAHA.

Btw. I told him Nyit Yi and I are from Korea. Idk why. I just suddenly typed that. Then our school is very big. Korea International School. Got a few pools and a very big field. About thousand kids in here. Nyit Yi sits behind me with Joshua Ang. Okay. This Joshua J fella said Im pretty. So Nyit Yi said of course la, Joshua Ang's ex gf wor. This Joshua J fella heard his friends talking bout Joshua Ang too and knows that Joshua Ang is ohsofreaking cute. Lol. Then Nyit Yi said Joshua Ang is her deskmate and now that he's with her and that he's asking her out but she dowanna accept yet. HAHAHA. My deskmate is Hyun Joong. He's so hot with hot abs. Then Joshua J said Joshua Ang dunno what he lost. LOL. So flattering right?

Another case is Joseph. He said Im sexy. He asked me to add him. I said, how bout you add me? Then Nyit Yi and I were talking bout finding Joshua J. See see Joseph thought I wanna find him to add him so he said, Im Joseph. WTF. Lol.

Now. This Alex cannot speak Inglish. So I also pretend I cannot speak Inglish. HAHA. My boyfriend is Joshua Ang. But he doesnt like me anymore. Lol. My deskmate is Hyun Joong again. And I dont know Nyit Yi. Omg. So hilarious.

Okay. Will try to off soon. HAHA. Long post aite? Thanks for reading okay? ♥♥♥


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