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Kim Bum's new movie. 'Emergency'.
MBLAQ. Hot shit.Ji Yong. GAD. CUTE!
*faints* :D

DYLAN FROM FATED TO LOVE YOU IS OMFG HOT. Gonna google him now, coz he looks familiar but I cant remember which movie he starred in. Gah. *Googles*

By the way, we know our positions today. HAHAAH. I got last in class. And OBVIOUSLY Im in sc2. SIGH. Nanbas, thanks for consoling though. Lol. Didnt Facebook today huh? We were all IQ gaming today. :D I learnt Rubik's cube in a day's time. Im amazed by myself. Yay. We watched 17 Again. So boring lor. Coz I just watched. PeiQi bringing Love Guru tomorrow. HEH.

We all MOU DAI MOU SAI. We EEEEEIIIII-ed Mr Cheang so many times. Haha. He cannot do Rubik's cube. Told you he's not a genius. =) He looked so fudging happy when he finished 1 face. =.= And we stood to thank Pn Lim and shoo her out before she even finished talking. And her English is worse than mine. Im flattered. Thank you.

And my maid did something soooooo terribly wrong today. So I did some chores just now. Washed dishes. Kept clothes. I earned some muscles. HEEHEE. But flipping tired now. Mano later somemore. Deng.

Sorry Nyit Yi. Cant go jogging today. Tomorrow or something lah. ♥

♪ Love Letter - FT Triple.

So. Hyun Joong. ♥

List for the 'Style Icon Awards'

* Icon Of The Year – Kim Hye-soo
* Male Actor – Jung Woo-sung
* Female Actor – Ha Ji-won
* Male Talent – Kwon Sang-woo
* Female Talent – Kim Hye-soo
* TV Star – Kim Nam-joo
* Male Singer – Drunken Tiger
* Female Singer – 2NE1
* Model – Kim Yeong-kwang
* New Icon (TV) – Kim Nam-gil
* New Icon (Movie) – Lee Min-ki
* CGV Culture and Art – Park Chan-wook
* Performance Art – Lee Seung-chul
* Sports – Choo Shin-soo
* Beautiful Sharing – Kim Hye-ja
* Fun Fearless Female – Ha Ji-won
* Male Cyon New Chocolate Fashionista – Kim Seong-soo
* Female Cyon New Chocolate Fashionista – Shin Min-ah
* Viewers’ Best Popularity Icon – Kim Hyun-joong
* Special Award – Late Jang Jin-yeong

And btw. God. The kid who presented Hyun Joong his award asked for a kiss. So HJ kissed her on the cheek. See see she asked for another one pointing at her lips. WTF. Lol. So HJ kissed her. On. The Lips. OKAY LA I ADMIT ITS QUITE CUTE. Haha. ♥ So unfair. Why I don have? =(

And and. Bai. Lol. Thanks for reading. Heh.

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