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The only 2 girlband Im okay with. Or rather, kinda like. :D


This is Hyun Joong's acoustic version of Because I'm Stupid. ♥

SS501's Rebirth album got No 1 sales in China.

The album has been ranked No. 1 in album sales on China’s largest online music website, BOOKS.COM for four consecutive weeks and placed first on G-Music Asia Chart and Five Music Asia’s Current Chart for two weeks straight immediately after the album's release on October 30. They also topped the RBT Charts of Taiwan’s top three telecommunication companies including Chunhwa Telecom, Far East Tone Net and Taiwan Mobile two weeks in a row.

source: asie

Big Bang will hold their Japanese concert in February 2010.

The name of this tour is “Electric Love Tour 2010“.

There was a message reading “Thank you for always cheering Big Bang on. Because of D-Lite’s (Daesungs) traffic accident the tour for Big Bang in Japan was delayed. However Daesung has recovered and there is now a new schedule for the tour. “

The dates are the following:
February 10th & 11th at Yokohama Arena
February 13th at Kobe World Hall
February 16th at Budokan

Credit: alee@ibigbang wordpres

Credits to Korea Precious.

Tuition was boring. So we ended up learning bout Daren's shirt. =.=
We never stop trying to excel. Beating your competition is relatively easy. But beating yourself is a never-ending commitment. Swoosh since 1972.

So. Holidays officially started. Im bored already. Gonna read my novels. YAY! And initially we wanted to watch 2012. Apparently there's only tickets left for 1st and 2nd row. FML. Now how? Dang wei. Aish. Die la. So bored. No tuition today somemore. DIE. Okay. Stop cursing myself. Okay.

So I was texting Melanie. And update her on KPop stuff. :D She wanna go for SS501's concert too! And I keep asking her to watch HJ's strip show. Wtf. Hot shit. I wanna rape HJ nao. Shit. Okay Stop. *exhales*

Taught my sis how to solve Rubik's cube already. Heh.

Hungry!! Going for some super huge dinner tonight. If its really happening, then I might blog again. Gonna Uno and play Scramble nao.

Bai. ♥

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